Monday, 30 July 2012

Bandai Toys for Girls and Boys

Keeping the kids entertained over the summer holidays can sometimes be difficult as the long weeks stretch ahead.  Bandai have a range of top branded toys that can provide hours of fun for youngsters, with prices starting at just £1.99!
Ben 10, Harumika, Power Rangers Samurai

My children received a bundle of Bandai toys to try out.

Ben 10

Ben 10 continues to be one of Cartoon Networks best performing shows.  With the original series, Ultimate Alien and the CGI movie Ben 10: Destroy all Aliens!  Ben 10 continues to be hugely popular and has spawned a huge range of merchandise including the toys which are suitable for ages 4 and up.

Ben 10 Mini Figures come in individually packed bags so you don't know exactly who you'll be getting. Series 2 of these collectible mini figures has just been released!  Collect them or swap with your friends to create the ultimate Ben 10 collection.  Just £1.99 each they are great pocket money toys.  The little characters are quite detailed and will definitely be a hit with Ben 10 fans.  There are sixteen to collect so there is a risk of getting doubles (which is when swapping comes into its own!)  We ended up with two Kevins!


Power Rangers Samurai

Power rangers Samurai master the mystical and ancient Samurai symbols of power to fight evil.   They are the latest generation of Power Ranger in this popular franchise.

The Samurai Morpher (£11.99) is used by the Power Rangers to call up the Zords.  The mobile phone style toy makes fab sound effects as seen in the TV show.  Freddy loved it!  He pressed the buttons to listen to the cool voice and sounds.  The sound level is muted so it won't damage the ears.

The 10cm Action Figures come with a Samurai Sword or power weapon ready to battle evil!  The Power Rangers unite against the sinister forces of the Netherworld and fans can re-enact their favourite moments with these toys.  (£6.99)  Action figures are always a favourite.  These are quite detailed with good articulation allowing imaginative play based on the Power Rangers Samurai TV show, which is the number one boys' show on Nickleodeon.  



One for future fashion designers, Harumika is a unique craft toy that allows budding fashionistas to create their own looks by using a special mannequin with a silicone strip in its back.  By folding, tucking and layering the material, funky fashions can be created over and over again.

The Accessory Puppy Pack allows you to create a bespoke look for a poodle to match your dress designs.  Containing a small puppy model, three different coats, a bow, a lead, a basket and a tool shaped like a bone, you can create a pampered pooch outfit with ease.  For £8.99 it adds to your Harumika collection, providing the perfect canine accessory!  It is quite small and simple to do so does not really stand alone, so definitely one for Harumika fans who want to add a fashionable puppy to their collection!

Stockists include Asda, Toys R Us, Argos, Sainsburys, Tesco and other good toy retailers.
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