Monday, 23 July 2012

Moving Out and Looking Forward

I'm finally back on my laptop after my week long break away in Normandy (thanks to Thomson Al Fresco and Tots 100).  We had a glorious week filled with French cider, cheese, laughs, beaches and sunshine.  It was perfect (blog post review to follow!)

sun, holiday, France

Our week away was especially wonderful as Megan was able to come away with us before being thrust into the real world with her new flat and new job.  It was a lovely way for us to enjoy her company for an uninterrupted time in a beautiful place before she sets off on her new life adventure.

We returned on Saturday night with the prospect of having to move Megan into her new home in Manchester's Green Quarter on the Sunday.  I was worried that we would be exhausted and totally frazzled, however, it turned out to be a lovely day.  We managed to squeeze all her stuff into the car with us and get her all moved in one go.  The Green Quarter is a really lovely area of the city with ultra modern appartment blocks made from glass and metal, each with its own balcony.  Lots of young executive types were milling around and enjoying the sunshine (that we clearly brought back from France!)  in the communal area where there were trees and a water feature.  I can imagine Megan being really happy and getting on really well in her new life as a working woman.

Megan's flatmate Abi has been embraced into our family.  Freddy absolutely adored her and by virtue of this fact she is now officially an honorary member of Team McD!

I remember like it was only yesterday, when we first dropped Megan off at university three years ago.  We both cried and I felt so terrible and bereft  leaving her alone.  This time couldn't have been more different.  We are so excited for her!  Everything has happened so quickly...graduating with a 2:1 finding a job and getting a flat all in the same month!  We will miss her being able to spend summer at home with us, but know that this is the best thing for her.  She deserves to be in a vibrant city filled with opportunities and excitement!  A sleepy market town in Shropshire is not enough for my daughter.

degree, graduation

I'm so looking forward to this summer.  I've got lots of plans for myself, for the home and for the family.  I intend to make the most of these six weeks.  I know all to well how quickly time passes...I am going to fully appreciate the time spent with my loved ones this summer.  Not only has Megan left home but, come September, Ella is off to full-time college and Fred starts nursery.  Things are constantly changing and evolving.  I'm going to be sure I don't miss a thing!!


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