Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Happy Birthday to my lovely Megan!

Today my little girl is nineteen.  I never quite get used to not seeing my babies on their birthdays, but now two of my fledgings have flown the coop it's something I have to cope with!  However, I have spoken to her and she is having a wonderful time being spoiled by her university housemates.  She's had a birthday cake and presents and is currently on a girlie shopping spree!  I'm so pleased she is having a great day and has such great friends.

When I was pregnant with Megan in 1991, I developed pre-eclampsia and at one point during my pregnancy was told by the GP that her heart beat could not be detected and to prepare myself for the worst.  I was rushed to hospital but thankfully the monitors picked up a good strong healthy rhythm.  My 7lb 6oz daughter was born safely after a prolonged stay in hospital and I have counted my blessings ever since.

She was a precious little sister to my son Joe, and my little princess.  She was bright and alert and determined from day one.  Her personality was strong from the word go and she was willful and knew her own mind.  A trait that has seen her through to adulthood!

I once bought her a fridge magnet that said "Daughters are little girls who grow up to be your best friend."  Megan and I are so close, I do consider her as my BFF!  Our relationship is open and honest and we can talk about anything and everything.  She comes to me for advice and support and is prepared to listen.  She enjoys the company of her family and we always have fun together. Her little sisters and her little brother adore their big sis and Meg and her big brother are still incredibly close and supportive of each other! Her daddy loves her to pieces and feels incredibly blessed to call her his daughter.  He will drop everything whenever she needs him.  Megan is one of the only people in the world who I will listen to when I'm in a dark mood.  She knows what to do and say, and also knows when no words are needed...she has real empathy for others. Megan can party hard and embraces her opportunities with gusto.  I know without a doubt that she has an amazing future ahead of her, and even when life throws a spanner in the works, she simply comes through even stronger than before!

I am so lucky to have my daughter.  I love her and can't wait to celebrate with her at the weekend.  There will be good food, shopping and family doesn't get much better than that!


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