Friday, 5 November 2010

All About Me!

I'm entering into my third month of blogging and have gathered some wonderful friends and followers along the way.  I've read some amazing posts.  Some very touching and honest, others light-hearted and extremely funny! I love this big virtual world that I have entered.  So I have decided to share some fascinating facts about my life, just in case anyone wants to know more!! 

I married the first boy who asked me out...OK it took a string of Mr Wrongs and over a decade to work out the finer details...but it's a fact nevertheless!

I am vegetarian and glad of it. I've brought all my children up as veggies since far only my no.1 son has succumbed to the lure of Pepperoni Pizzas and KFC.

I've not had alcohol since a particularly heavy and embarrassing New Year's Eve party in 2006. I've been totally tee-total since then!  My liver thanks me for it!!

I cook a mean mushroom pie and a fab coffee muffin...but don't bake often enough. This is probably because I'm nearly always on a diet :(

The happiness of my children is quintessential to my very existence.

I cry so often it's unbelievable...I can even cry at adverts.   I cry when Ella performs for me.  I cry at films. My tears are quite prolific!

My husband spoils me!  He is so wonderful and so doting, I can't believe how lucky I am.  He is my best friend, my shopping buddy, my baby daddy and the man I love!

I sometimes google ex-boyfriends just in case they have become serial killers and I can sell my story to the press.  No hits as yet.
I love Dexter...he's my favourite serial killer!

My children are all named after figures from popular culture that I loved in my youth.  JoeMeganEllaKizzy and Freddy.

I'm really good at times tables and spellings...thanks to a proper old-fashioned education!

I love seeing rainbows. They are magical.  I know the scientific explanation, but I don't believe it!
I always acknowledge magpies when I see them. "Hello Mr Magpie where's your wife?" 

Holidays are really stressful...I like my home comforts and my familiarity far too much.  But I am getting better at going away and no longer take to my bed for hours in tears beforehand!

I love supermarkets...French ones are particularly many dairy desserts under one roof! And the sea food counter rivals the Sea Life Centres with the lobsters and crabs in tanks. Just don't tell Kizzy what they are there for!

Family comes so far ahead of anything else it's ridiculous.
I'm Godmother to one of my nieces and one of my nephews.  I am very proud of my godchildren and feel very honoured to be a part of their life.

I've got 9 GCSE's, 5 A'Levels ( 3 grade A's), a CLAIT RSA and a OU STAC teaching certificate...but I choose motherhood over a career everytime.

I'm really excited for my children's futures...Joe doing so well in his career and moving into a new house with his girlfriend; Meg rediscovering her drive and ambition in her second year of university; Ella doing so amazingly well both academically and musically and yet staying so humble and understated; Kizzy rediscovering her love of learning after we made the decision to send her to a new school and little Freddy, so new, discovering his feet and the world around him!  And through it and Ian there to love, support, encourage and probably fund them!

I consider myself to be the most fortunate person ever. I did "too much much too young" and life could have totally crapped on me...but it didn't. I've got a truly fantastic, helpful, generous, giving man who really loves me and whom I love back. We've got our house, our big TV and we want for nothing. We have a fun-filled, happy household filled with love, hilarity and a spattering of insanity and I love it! I'm proud....possibly a little smug to have such intelligent, beautiful children with such loving hearts and wonderful senses of humour. I am truly blessed!

Some people say I look like Xena Princess Warrior!  I would love the
outfit but could never pull off the acrobatics.  I was the one at school
who could not do handstands.

That's all about me!  I look forward to finding out more about you!


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