Monday, 29 November 2010

The Graco Symbio at the Lakes!

With all the drama that befell us this weekend, one thing that proved completely reliable was our Graco Symbio!  The unbelievably cold weather could have made things difficult when out and about with a young baby.  Thankfully for Freddy, Graco's cosy toes proved second to none for its warmth and comfort.  The temperature dropped to 3 degrees below zero during the afternoon, but Freddy was able to sleep in the Symbio completely unbothered by the cold.  The thick fleecy material totally cocooned him and was incredibly insulating and the design of the cosy toes allowed us to button it up right up to his chin.  Pulling over the hood protected his face from the wind.  This really was the ultimate test for this feature of the Symbio.  The success of this was paramount to the comfort of my baby and I was so pleased that it lived up to and exceeded my expectations.  He slept peacefully during our walk of the grounds and stayed asleep after we returned to the house.  Obviously, this is one comfy ride!!


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