Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Graco Symbio at the BBC Good Food Show

My last post is all about our day at the BBC Good Food Show.  Not only was it a great day out, but it also provided us with a unique opportunity to test our Graco Symbio.  A busy, crowded event with a toddler in tow can prove to be very difficult.  Thankfully, many of the features of the Symbio turned out to be a Godsend!

Firstly, the comfy, snuggly cosy toes helped lull Freddy off to sleep and he remained slumbering peacefully for a good hour after we arrived.  This gave Daddy a chance to sample the alcoholic beverage freebies on offer!

The basket underneath the pushchair was deceptively spacious.  We filled it with magazines, leaflets, a book, giveaways, some Christmas gifts we bought and our freebies.  I was surprised by how much we were able to place in the basket and nothing fell out or got squished!

When he first woke up, I think Fred would've felt quite intimidated by all the people crowding around at the show, milling around his pushchair.  A flip of the handle ensured he was looking at us when he awoke, so he felt safe and confident and happy.

On the courtesy bus, the compact size of the pushchair, coupled with manoeverability of the swivel wheels at the front, allowed us to get Fred onboard and positioned with minimum fuss.  He sat happily and safely while we made our way back to the carpark.

Facing out to watch the world go by, snuggled up against the chilly weather, we returned back to the car after a successful day out assisted by the unique design of the Symbio.


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