Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A Big Sister's Perspective on the Graco Symbio

The Graco Symbio Put Through Its Paces By Freddy's Big Sister

Graco, Symbio, big sister

There would be no point in having a pushchair that did not get the seal of approval from 8 year old Kizzy!  She is my canny, discerning daughter who likes to have a hand in all household purchasing decisions!  She has a very mature head on her shoulders and likes to be involved and have her say.  She is also a fantastic big sister, who cares deeply about her little brother's comfort, welfare and happiness.  So today we put the Graco Symbio through its paces to see if Kizzy approved of her brother's new mode of transport. 

She wanted to push him and decided on the outward facing position so Fred could watch the world go by, pointing at cars, cats and other children!  I was very impressed at how well the Symbio handled.  With the wheels in full swivel mode she had no trouble manoevuring around the pavements.  Consequently Fred had a nice, smooth ride.  Kizzy broke into a run at one point to see how well the Symbio coped at speed.  They worked up quite a head of steam which Fred thought was very funny!  Kizzy said that because the Symbio was so light, it felt like she was just running along and not pushing the pushchair at all!  So if I'm ever in a hurry or have a bus to catch I know that it will not pose a problem (although if you've ever seen me trying to run, you'll realise that the pushchair is the least of my worries in that particular scenario!) You can check out her speed test using the link below...

The Symbio Speed Test

Kizzy loved the cosy toes!  It is very soft and fleecy on the inside, an absolute necessity in this cold weather.  Kizzy was happy to know that her baby brother was warm and snuggly!  It met with her stringent approval.  The colour is a real positive feature.  Black and red is a fabulous colour scheme, reminiscent of race cars with go faster stripes.  Kizzy liked that the pushchair and the cosy toes matched and that the cosy toes looked like an integral part of the pushchair and not an after thought.

The reversible handle mechanism was another feature that Kizzy liked.  She was easily able to hold down the button and pull the handle across to change the Symbio from frontward to rearward facing.  It really is incredibly simple to do.  She saw how useful it would be to change the orientation of the pushchair if Freddy was tired or sad. The caring, big sister side of her was pleased by this feature!

So, overall, Kizzy approved of the Graco Symbio and is looking forward to putting it through further paces, all the while keeping her discerning big sister's eye on the proceedings!


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