Thursday, 9 July 2015

For Freddy - Now You are Six

I have a boy.
A loving boy.
A caring boy.
A boy that loves Minecraft, Harry Potter, video games, bubbles and swords.
A boy who loves singing and knows how to dance.
A boy who likes being a vegetarian because no animals die.
A boy with so much love in his heart for his family and friends.

I have a boy who says he doesn't like reading - but tries to read every word he sees.
A funny boy.
A clever boy.
A boy who doesn't run fast but won his skipping and egg and spoon races on sports day.
A boy who can hula hoop with three hoops!
A boy who can build tall towers - then gleefully smash them down.

I have a boy that has brought so much love, fun and laughter into our home.
A good boy.
A happy boy.
A boy who is a gift to his '40 something' mum and dad.
A boy that gives hugs, kisses, high fives and fist bumps.
A boy that tells silly Knock Knock jokes that make perfect sense to him.
A boy who loves Alton Towers, Trentham Gardens and Jurassic Golf at the garden centre.

I have a boy who loves play areas but is oh so scared of heights.
An extremely sensitive boy.
A deep thinking boy.
A boy who hates burping and obsesses about his health.
A boy who feels things so deeply.
A boy with so much empathy.
An old soul in a little boy.

I have a wonderful boy.
A beautiful boy.
Our perfect boy.

birthday, boy


  1. Six and one hell of a little dude, that's our boy and we love him. XXXX

  2. Jill Stan Jones10 July 2015 at 10:59

    Freddy is a delightful boy to be with, he is loving, funny, clever in many ways and never ceases to amaze me. It is an honour to have him as my Grandson and I couldn't imagine life without him. xxxxx

  3. He is just gorgeous x

  4. Aww what a lovely wee boy he is growing into. I've loved watching him grow on your blog over the years. xx

  5. Watching all the babies growing up over the years is one of my favourite parts of being a blogger. So many lovely little people :) xxx

  6. Thank you...he is a bit of a cutie :)

  7. This is very true. It's been wonderful and an honour xx



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