Thursday, 30 July 2015

Make your Lunctime a Quicknic with Greggs

Isn't it about time that you created a bit of me-time for yourself this summer by treating yourself to a relaxing lunchtime treat? Well, Greggs think so, and are challenging us to take time out of our busy day to relax and enjoy a stress free lunch. Dubbed the 'Quicknic', a 'quick picnic' for one - whether it is al fresco or al desko - could potentially put us in a better frame of mind and add to our daily productivity. Enjoying lunch, instead of bolting it down between phone calls, checking emails and banging away at the keyboard of a laptop, may give us the chance to wind down, nourishing our bodies and minds, making us better able to cope with the stresses and strains of a hectic day.

Greggs, lunch

To test this theory, Greggs have provided me with lunches for a week, which I agreed to enjoy along with some much needed me-time. Greggs isn't all about the pies (although the vegetable pasty is a favourite of mine) they also have a range of salads and sandwiches, including their Balanced Choice items for a healthier option. Greggs also do fresh coffee or if you prefer a cold drink, they have a selection of chilled juices and soft drinks.

As a vegetarian, the range for me isn't as extensive, but there is still plenty to pick from, with some imaginative options for those of us who want more just a cheese sandwich!

The new Balanced Choice Mexican Five Bean Flatbread is a great way to spice up your lunchtime. The delicious flatbread is filled with mixed beans in a tasty tomato, chilli and coriander sauce, served alongside sliced red onions, jalapenos, fresh mixed peppers and finished with a light Monterey jack cheese with chilli. It's £2.50 and contains 328 Calories.

A lunchtime meal deal gives you a sandwich and a drink for just £3.00, so I you can pick one of the flatbreads, baguettes, rolls or sandwiches along with a flavoured spring water, soft drink or juice. It's a good value meal.

With a huge range of cakes to pick from, you can add a sweet treat to complete a lovely lunch. There are always some cake multi-packs on offer so you can grab a bargain.

Greggs, lunch

The Mexican Five Bean Flatbread is really good, packed with fresh, crisp vegetables, spicy chilli and jalapenos. It has a real kick to it and makes a great lunchtime meal, full of flavour! I am very impressed with Greggs for doing some a bold option for vegetarians.

Greggs, lunch

There is a nice cheese and tomato pasta salad, egg or cheese sandwiches, cheesy rolls, vegetable pasties and cheese and onion pasties as well as the Greggs Margherita pizza to provide variety at lunchtime for vegetarians. The prices are all really competitive, giving a good value lunch to treat yourself.

Getting a Greggs to take away and actually using a plate to serve it on, made lunchtime feel so much less hurried. Relaxing and enjoying my food certainly allowed me to unwind and appreciate the food I was eating. As someone who works from home, it is too easy to skip lunch or just grab a snack to eat whilst working on the laptop, so actually taking a half hour to myself was a real treat. The Quicknic is definitely a good way to reconnect with yourself and not lose yourself in a never ending stream of daily drudgery.

Enjoy a Greggs Quicknic and see whether taking some time out for lunch makes a positive difference to your day!


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