Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Summer Essentials Review Round Up - Comfort, Boots Pharaceuticals and Sure Women

 Comfort Intense

Comfort Intense is a long lasting, ultra concentrated fabric conditioner, which comes in four vibrant, new fragrances: Fuchsia Passion, Fresh Sky, Ocean Pearl and Sunburst. Each small dose of Comfort Intense gives laundry a burst of freshness, which lasts from wash to wear. It also keeps clothing feeling soft and well conditioned.

We received two 38 wash bottles of Fuchsia Passion Comfort Intense to try out. The bottles are small, space saving and manageable, fitting into my kitchen cabinet easily (unlike those really big bottles of non-concentrated fabric softener, which I struggle to find a place for). The Comfort Intense is measured out into the lid of the bottle and a little really does go a long way. The floral, fruity scent is fragrant, fresh and pleasant, and lasts well on clothing. Laundry smells clean and just-washed even once it is dried and put away. It did a great job on our bedding.

The 38 wash bottle costs just £3.30, and a 64 wash bottle costs £4.89, available now in major supermarkets. You can find out more at

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Boots Pharmaceuticals Allergy Barrier Nasal Spray

With two hayfever sufferers in the family, this time of year is sometimes difficult, with lots of sneezing and runny eyes to contend with. New research from Boots Pharmaceuticals reveals that for the 18 million Brits who suffer from hayfever, 64% of them continue to suffer once the sun goes down as airborne pollen drops as the air cools. On a typical summer night, nighttime hayfever can cost sufferers an average of 72 minutes of sleep. This loss of sleep has been dubbed 'insneezia' - as  the insomnia-esque symptoms caused by itchy eyes and blocked noses affects their ability to get to sleep. This can lead to bad moods, tiredness and irritability.

There are some hacks that sufferers can use to help ease their symptoms during the day such as wearing sunglasses, eating spicy food, avoiding hanging washing up outside, and putting Vaseline under the nose. There are also lots of remedies on the market that relieve symptoms, such as anti-histamine medication, eye drops and nasal sprays.

We were sent a powder based nasal spray for Ian to test out, which acts as a barrier to allergens by creating a protective lining in the nasal passage to reduce the inhalation of the pollen that is responsible for hayfever. It protects against runny noses and sneezing, two of the symptoms that keep sufferers up at night. It is fast acting, working in just 3 minutes against airborne allergens. Each bottle, which costs £8.99, contains 200 sprays of the non-drowsy formula to bring fast relief day or night. Although Ian generally takes one a day tablets to relieve his hayfever symptoms, the fast working spray is proving another good weapon in his arsenal for fighting his seasonal sneezes. It is particularly good in the evenings, boosting his protection and calming his symptoms before bed time. The Nasal Spray is suitable for adults (including pregnant women) and children aged 18 months and over.

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Sure Compressed Shower Fresh and Cotton Dry with Motionsense technology

In the warmer months, things can get hot and sticky so staying fresh and protected is a big consideration for most of us. Sure have a new world first product on the market: Sure Compressed made with breakthrough Motionsense technology. It is an antiperspirant activated by movement meaning that the more you move, the more you are protected. Microcapsules burst with friction to release fragrance to keep you fresh, so whether you are going about your daily routine, at a festival or trying out a new exercise class this summer, it won't let you down.

The compressed format makes the cans smaller using less packaging, but are just as long lasting. They are a handy size to carry in your gym bag or to pop into your handbag. The two fragrances Shower Fresh and Cotton Dry are both light, fresh, feminine and clean smelling. They are great summer essentials for long lasting freshness and confidence all day, however active you are.

The Sure Compressed variants are available at leading retailers with an RRP of £3.29. I've tried them and am impressed at how well they worked - no sweaty armpits for me this summer!

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