Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Summer Outdoor Fun with Tobar

The summer holidays are a great opportunity to get the kids outside in the fresh air getting active and having fun. Tobar has a great range of classic and contemporary outdoor toys, which are perfect for the job, and Freddy received a selection to try out.

Tobar, space hopper, hula hoop

The Space Hopper is real retro classic from my own childhood, so I was thrilled to introduce Freddy to the iconic smiley faced, giant bouncy ball. It came with a pump so we could blow it up straight from the box and get Freddy bouncing around. It is big and bright with handles to grip on to. Bouncing on a Space Hopper is such a simple pleasure and so much fun. Freddy mastered the art of bouncing and even took to doing some extreme bouncing action by using his Space Hopper on the trampoline (thank goodness for the safety nets!)

The Slot Together Hula Hoop is a great idea. It comes in eight, slot together sections making it handy for storing away in the box. It also means you can adjust the size by removing sections. The pieces are colourful and easy to push together making a sturdy hula hoop. Freddy is a bit of an expert hula-hooper so he enjoyed spinning it around his middle and doing tricks with it. Using all 8 pieces made it a good size for him to use, with a 70cm diameter. I really like the design of this hula hoop. The cheap ones that we have bought before tend to lose their shape or break apart quite quickly as they are made from covered cardboard, whereas this one is made from solid plastic pieces so will last much longer. Storing a hula hoop can be a bit tricky, but once taken apart, this one fits into its box and can be put away or taken away on holiday easily.

The Soak 'n' Sling Frisbee is a small sized, soft frisbee that can be soaked in water and used in water fights. Kids can take aim and throw, while others try to duck out of the way of a soaking. Freddy enjoyed using it without the water to practice his throwing and catching skills. As it is soft and rubbery it is easier to catch than a regular frisbee and the small size makes it more manageable for little ones.

The Pogo Ball is a cross between a hopper and a pogo stick. The blow up hopper ball is attached to a foot platform with an optional clip on pogo handle, giving two ways to play. It offers a stable way to perform tricks and stunts while balanced on the foot platform and bouncing using the inflated ball. (Unfortunately, the Pogo Ball was not compatible with the foot pump we had so we have to get hold of a pump with a needle attachment to test this one out properly!)

Tobar are UK wholesalers of toys, gifts and novelties, so look out for these products in toy shops and on Amazon. 


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