Thursday, 9 July 2015

How Freddy Trained His Dragon #NetflixStreamTeam

Dreamworks Dragons - Race to the Edge

To celebrate the launch of Dreamworks Dragons - Race to the Edge, Netflix have set the Stream Team bloggers a challenge so we can experience our own dragon adventure.  We have been sent our very own Toothless to see if we can train him as well as his trainer Hiccup can. So Freddy was given the job of being our head dragon trainer and of course, he watched some of the brand new Netflix show to get some inspiration on how to fulfill his challenge.


When it comes to training dragons you have to ensure they have plenty of fresh air and exercise to keep them feeling in clover!

How to train your dragon

Toothless went on a lot of adventures with his new trainer, including a visit to school for Show and Tell where he met the children of Class 1. He learned the importance of making friends and getting on with others...even when one of those others is the Armoured Dragon who he battles against!

How to train your dragon

The importance of learning to read and write is crucial when training dragons and Freddy helped Toothless learn his phonics. What a clever dragon!

how to train your dragon

Although Toothless has had some good training with Freddy, he can still be a bit of a cheeky dragon getting up to mischief! Sometimes his behaviour left a little to be desired, but a stern look from his trainer brought him back on the straight and narrow.

Toothless, how to train your dragon

After a hard day's training, it's time for bed.  A good night's sleep is important for any trainer and their dragon in training to keep them refreshed for the day ahead. After all the giggling had subsided, Freddy and Toothless would snuggle up in bed.  Sweet dreams boys!

how to train your dragon, toothless, dragon

You can catch the series of Dreamworks Dragons - Race to the Edge on Netflix now. It is a great series for kids. It is an adventure laden story about what happens before How To Train Your Dragon 2. Toothless and Hiccup explore the world beyond Berk, discovering ancient secrets and yet undiscovered dragons whilst evading the marauding dragon hunters. Great fun!


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