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Non-Fiction Books for Curious Kids - Collins Picture Atlas and The Amazing Human Body Detectives #review

Collins Picture Atlas

Children are naturally curious and love exploring and finding out amazing facts. This Collins Picture Atlas, designed and illustrated by Steve Evans, is a great way for little ones to find out about our planet, looking at the countries of the world and discovering facts about the people and places.

Colourful illustrations show animals, buildings and famous landmarks, with details just begging to be studied. Fun facts give an insight into the culture, the history and the lifestyle. The maps themselves are very simple, making it a great first atlas for children aged 4 - 8, helping them develop an interest and understanding of the continents and countries, without bogging them down in complicated jargon or unnecessary technical detail.

The Collins Picture Atlas is a book that will young children can dip in and out of or it can be used to look up where a country is or what a particular continent is like. The book is informative, imaginative and colourful, perfect for the age group it is designed for. It helps nurture an interest in the world and also encourages reading skills with the simple, informative text. A great addition to your child's bookshelf.

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The Picture Atlas is brought to life through an online interactive game, which can be found at where children can journey through different areas of the world, meeting different people and animals. The atlas can be ordered from this page (currently at 30% off!) 

Published by Collins in hardback for £8.99.

The Amazing Human Body Detectives
Facts, Myths and Quirks of the Body

Maggie Li has created a human anatomy guide with a difference that children will love. This cool and quirky book is packed with detailed illustrations and fun facts about how the body works. On the front cover is a magnifying glass, which allows children to study the funny little details hidden on each page, adding to the fun. 

The voyage of discovery takes on subjects such as how we grow, what our organs do and hoe eyes work. However, the section on poo was Freddy's favourite, especially as it had an informative stool chart to identify what your poo says about you!

I loved that the book explains quite complex facts in a simple, easy to understand way, with a smattering of humour and with the added fun provided by the magnifying glass. I was always fascinated by biology and know that I would have loved this book and being able to learn about skin, hair, bones, teeth, the immune system and other body bits in such an engaging way.

It is suitable for ages 5 and up and can be shared with a grown-up or explored independently. It's a great introduction for kids to understand the workings of their bodies.

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Published by Pavilion Children's Books, £9.99 in hardback.

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