Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Grandad...I Love You!

Sometimes you take a photograph that simply sums up a relationship between two people.  I took this photograph of Freddy with his Grandad and it epitomizes what they mean to each other.  Freddy adores his Grandad and wanted to walk alongside him, helping him with his stick.  He looks so proud with his Grandad who was chatting to him as they walked.  I'm sure it wasn't easy for my dad to have a toddler 'helping', but these moments are priceless to him.  They have a wonderful relationship filled with warmth, laughter and fun. I hope that my future grandchildren love me as much as my children love my parents!

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Grandad and Grandson x
This is my entry into the Hello Canvas competition over at All Baby Advice.  Follow the link to find out how you can win a 28" canvas of your favourite photograph.


  1. Such a lovely pic Wendy, little Freddy is very lucky to have such a fab Grandad! xx

  2. Lovely. Isn't it great to see your child developing relationships of their own with the people that you love?

  3. Freddy is looking so grown up x

  4. That is lovely. My dad took my eldest to an Olympic football match at the weekend and they had a wonderful time. Conor got well spoilt too!

  5. Aww, what a lovely picture! So precious. x

  6. This is just beautiful. The relationship between little ones and grandparents is magic. I loved my grandma so much (she was the only grandparent I knew) and I know she loved me back. Sometimes as children we think our parents are put on earth to keep saying 'no' to us but if you have a grandparent you knw there is always someone who will try to say 'yes' whenever possible.

  7. ug grandparents are here purely to spoil are grandkids, and I am sure we all love every minute

  8. Grandad and Freddy look so natural and happy together and Grandad was
    thrilled to read this blog - hit first reaction was he didn't realise how bandy
    he was but in retrospect, he was literary over the moon with your comments
    and the picture. No-body could love their grandchildren more than we do.



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