Friday, 1 July 2016

Minecraft Vloggers join the line-up at The Digital Kids Show

Freddy loves YouTube, where he can spend ages watching videos from his favourite gaming vloggers such as Dan TDM, Lonnie and Popular MMOS. So he has been very excited to discover some brand new gaming and Minecraft vloggers, who will be appearing at The Digital Kids Show on the 29th and 30th October at Event City in Manchester.

Latest additions to the show’s line up include Ethan Gamer, SalemsLadyM, Netty Plays and Mini Matt Smith aka MinecartMayhem who will be joining AshDubh, LDShadowLady, Amy Lee, Tomohawk and Smallishbeans.

Ethan Gamer, from South Manchester, is the youngest vlogger aged just 9, who vlogs about all kinds of gaming including mobile games, Roblox and Minecraft.

SalemsLadyM vlogs about Minecraft and Skylander. She has 140K subscribers on her channel and over 24 million views.

Netty Plays has 214K subscribers to her channel which is about her life and gaming. Netty started vlogging after she appeared in Stampylongheads sister challenge.

Mini Matt is a 13 year old Doctor Who cosplayer and styles himself on  Matt Smith with over 80K subscribers. He will be bringing along his very own officially licensed life-sized Tardis from series 5 of  Doctor Who. Revenue generated from his channel is donated to the charity Dreams Come True of which he is a national ambassador. 

They join AshDubh, LDShadowLady, Amy Lee, Tomohawk and SmallishBeans - five YouTube superstars who have clocked up over 1 Billion views and with over 5 million subscribers on their channels!

You can see the vloggers on stage for live shows and at meet and greets. Check out their Facebook page for further details and fun at

Digital Kids Show


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