Friday, 1 July 2016

The Big Co-Op Clean #BigCoopClean

With the recent events highlighting deep seated divisions in Britain, now is the perfect time for communities to unite and show the power of standing together for the greater good. Joining together to help improve our local neighbourhoods and showing pride in our communities, is a wonderful way to give back to society in a positive way, showing that we can achieve more together than we can on our own. One simple way we can do this, is by taking part in the annual Big Co-Op Clean.

As part of the Co-Operative fortnight, there are some big events planned, where co-operative societies, friends, neighbours and colleagues can come together to help clean up local areas. The next event is in Wrexham on July 1st at 10am with an organised clean up of Caia Park.

Or you can organise your own Big Clean event involving family and friends, or simply do something yourself from home to help support the campaign. There are lots of ways to help and if we all come together and play our part, we can make a positive difference to where we live.

You can help by picking up litter to clean up your local streets or beauty spot. Or maybe volunteer to tidy up an elderly neighbour's garden or help spruce up a play area. You could even have a declutter of your own home and donate your unwanted things to a British Red Cross Shop or hold a car boot sale and donate your funds directly to a Co-Op charity partner. Whatever you do, however big or small, you can be sure that you are making a difference.

You can buy cleaning products that meet the Cruelty Free Household International Humane Household Products standards and pick up a pair of rubber gloves and some bin bags from your local Co-operative, ready to take part in any big clean up jobs that you get involved in this weekend.

You can follow the #BigCoopClean hashtag on Twitter for inspiration.

Big Co-op Clean, Manchester

Find out more about the campaign, events and ideas for getting involved at:


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