Saturday, 2 July 2016

Num Noms Series 2 - unboxing and review

The second series of Num Noms, the stackable, scented, crazy and cute collectibles have hit the UK! The range includes some savoury scented characters such as pizza, sushi, diner and brunch Num Noms, alongside some brand new fairground foods, ice cream, cup cake, jelly bean and freezie pops flavoured Num Noms. Each soft, squidgie Num pairs up with a Nom, which can be an eraser, a scented stamp, a lip gloss or a motorised base. Perfect for mixing and matching to create your own wacky flavour combinations. There are now over 5000 mix and match scented combos to make!

Num Noms

Mystery Blind Packs are £2.99 and include a mystery scented Num and either a stamp or lip gloss Nom. Num Noms Starter Packs are £8.99 and include three Nums and a motorised go-go Nom plus an accessory and a menu card. The Deluxe Pack contains six Nums (one is a mystery Num), two motorised Noms, a food container, accessory and menu and costs £14.99. Playsets such as the Lip Gloss Truck and Art Cart are available for £24.99. Some special edition items are available in each collection.

Freddy got to try out two blind packs and a freezie pop flavoured starter pack. The new Freezie Pop characters have scents such as Strawberry Pop, Tropi-Cali, Grape Soda Pop and Icy Berry and are made of a colourful, see through material that looks frozen. They come with a freezie pop container and a spoon for added fun.

Freezie Pop, Num Noms

The blind packs contain a mystery Nom and a Num. We got M.Mallow from the Cupcake Nums collection and Sugar Puffs from the Fair Food Nums collection along with a cherry and S'mores gloss-up. Freddy was hoping for a stamp-it Nom, but will at least now have very moisturised scented lips!

Num Noms

Num Noms are colourful, quirky and fun collectibles, each with a unique mix and match scent for some flavour combining fun. You can find out more at



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