Saturday, 23 July 2016

The Original Stretch Armstrong is back!

Back in the 70's, Stretch Armstrong was all the rage - he was the iconic muscle man toy with ultimate flexibility that everyone wanted. Something about his super stretchy limbs and his ability to return to his original shape, even after being tied in knots, made him a real must have. Now, some forty years on, Stretch Armstrong is back, appealing to a whole new generation of girls and boys who will love stretching him and getting to grips with another great classic toy from yesteryear.

The design is true to his original 70's form, standing 30cm tall with his square jaw, blond hair and little, blue trunks. The unique play value of The Original Stretch Armstrong lies in his stretchy body, which can be pulled to four times its original size. You can also tie him in knots and squish him and squash him, safe in the knowledge that he will go back to his original shape after you've finished playing. It is an experimental and entertaining toy for hands-on play.

Freddy received one to try out and I'm not sure who was more excited, him or his daddy! Ian admitted that he had wanted a Stretch Armstrong as a boy in the 70's but his parents had never bought him one. So he was pretty keen to play with Freddy and experience the fun of stretching Stretch Armstrong at long last.

The Original Stretch Armstrong

Stretch Armstrong's body is rubbery and can stretch longways and widthways. You can wrap his feet around his neck, twist his body and tie his arms around his torso. Yet he always retracts back to his original shape. There is something quite satisfying about playing with Stretch Armstrong. It harks back to a time when toys were so much simpler.

Freddy pretended Stretch was a wrestling superhero and had him doing various fighting moves with other toys. He really enjoyed being able to stretch him, twist him and squash him into different shapes and positions. It is an action figure with a difference and is a very strong and robust toy that can withstand tough play. (Just keep it away from sharp objects.)

The Original Stretch Armstrong can be purchased from for £19.99.


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