Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Sushi Making Fun with Yutaka

Making sushi is Japan-easy with Yutaka

This Father's Day we did something a little different for Ian's celebratory meal. Yutaka, suppliers of authentic Japanese food products to the UK, challenged us to have a go at making some sushi using a selection of their ingredients. Most people associate sushi with fish, but the word actually refers to the sticky rice, which can be paired with any protein, vegetable or fruit to create a healthy dish.

vegetarian sushi

Yutaka make it easy to make authentic Japanese sushi at home, With a great range of products including sushi rice, sauces, vinegar, wasabi paste, black sesame seeds, ginger and nori sheets as well as rolling mats, nigiri sushi moulds and chopsticks, you can have fun and create some impressive sushi using any protein, fruit or vegetables you fancy.

sushi, Japanese food

For our sushi making session, we made some vegan duck style pieces in hoisin sauce, sliced oriental style Quorn chicken fillets and mushroom and spring onion cooked with soy sauce and prepared some cucumber, carrot, asparagus, orange pepper and spring onion. We had soy sauce and rice vinegar dipping sauces ready and laid the table with everything we needed.

Sushi making is great for all the family to get involved with. All the children really enjoyed creating their own sushi rolls and nigiri sushi. Combinations such as vegan duck with spring onion went down a treat. Raw carrot, cucumber and pepper was lovely and fresh. The steamed asparagus was a perfect addition and looked really good on the nigiri sushi.

The colours, flavours and the textures were wonderful. The children learned some new skills, each taking turns at rolling their own sushi rolls and using chopsticks. Being involved in making their own food encourages children to be more adventurous, so even fussy eaters will try something new. Freddy loved the rice with Quorn or mock duck.

sushi, vegetarian sushi

Sushi making is definitely something we will do again. It was such fun to all join in and take turns in making our own flavour combinations using all the ingredients. Sushi is such a versatile dish and can be made vegan, vegetarian or gluten free. It is healthy, delicious and hands on - perfect for a family meal.


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