Saturday, 11 June 2016

Sing Your Heart Out with the Lucky Voice Karaoke App

Who doesn't enjoy a good sing-song? We all love singing along to our favourite tunes and with the Lucky Voice Karaoke app, you can do just that! With thousands of songs to choose from, you can perform hits from musicals, Disney tunes, songs from the eighties, duets, current hits or karaoke classics using your iPad or phone. Perfect for entertaining the kids or for a karaoke party in your own home.

Lucky Voice are offering a 14 day free trial of their karaoke app so you can try it at home for an instant sing-a-long. (After that there is a £4.99 monthly subscription charge giving access to 8000+ songs, which you can cancel at any time.)

Lucky Voice Karaoke App

We are trialing the app along with the Lucky Voice Karaoke kit, which, with the addition of speakers and an internet connection, transforms your home computer or iPad into an ultimate karaoke machine for added fun. The kit also includes a code giving you a month's access to all the songs on the app. The microphones come in a variety of colours.

Lucky Voice

The range of songs available is very impressive. They have everything from Disney favourites to songs from Bollywood to David Bowie's greatest hits. So whether you are a crooner, a wannabe rockstar or a musical theatre lover, there is something that will unleash your inner performer. We had an absolute blast rocking out to classic Meatloaf hits followed by the songs from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The content is really extensive and there is something for everyone, whatever your taste.

You can create your own playlists from your favourite songs or choose from the featured playlists on the app. You can also queue up what songs you want to play for non-stop karaoke fun or search by artist or song if you are looking for something in particular.

Lucky Voice

The app itself works really well directly from the iPad where you can read the words from the screen and sing along to the songs. However, the kit really enhances the experience and you can add echo effects to your voice and balance the backing track and voice volumes. There are two input sockets for microphones so you can add an extra mic for duets. The kit has a £50 RRP.

Singing is something that is very stress relieving and it can boost your confidence and let you put your inhibitions aside. Singing together as a family is such a fun activity and kids love to entertain themselves with a bit of karaoke. It's great for rainy days, parties or practicing your vocal skills.

Find out more about the Lucky Voice App and the Karaoke Kit at


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