Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Say Cheers with a glass of Barefoot Malbec

This Sunday we will be celebrating Father's Day.  It's always lovely to make the most out of these special days. It's a good excuse for me and the kids to make an even bigger fuss of Ian than we usually do. Father's Day also means he gets to choose what we do all day, including picking his favourite meal. It's nice to have a sit down meal together for special occasions, because often during the week we eat on our laps in the living room (especially now the football is on - we can't miss a match, especially as we have our own family sweepstake running!) This year Ian will be treated to a family cinema trip followed by our favourite Indian takeaway in the evening, served with a good bottle of red wine. Red wine is up there as one of his favourite tipples. A good red is not only delicious, it is also rich in antioxidants making it good for you if drunk in moderation. (That's what the experts say - and who am I to argue with that!!)

Barefoot Wine have a delicious addition to their range of wines and we received a bottle of the new Californian Malbec to sample. The Barefoot brand brings an element of fun and freedom into the wine market, promoting the idea that wine tastes better in a tee than in a tux!  Their new world Malbec red wine is an affordable crowd pleaser, perfect with or without food.  Malbec has recently risen in popularity having characteristics similar to a Merlot, making it an easy to drink and versatile red.

The Malbec red wine looks and smells lovely from the moment it's poured, with a rich, red colour. It is a full flavoured wine which is smooth and goes down easily with an instant warming effect. The flavour is reminiscent of dark berries with a hint of vanilla and a toasted oak finish. Ian and I enjoyed this wine very much. It is just the sort of red we love to drink together.

red wine, Californian wine

Barefoot have a range of red, white, pink and bubbly wines, which is perfect for any special occasion. Any of them would make a great gift for dad this Father's Day, or would accompany a special meal.

Barefoot wines are readily available in supermarkets and convenience stores and are sold in many pubs and restaurants nationwide. The Barefoot Malbec is currently available in Sainsbury's for £7.00.


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