Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Bratz Music Festival Vibes #BratzFest

Festival season is underway, giving music lovers the chance to enjoy their favourite bands and to sing and dance with wild abandon while dressed in the coolest festival outfits. To celebrate festival season, Bratz have their new Music Festival Vibes collection, featuring the iconic dolls rocking some awesome festival chic looks.

Bratz Jade, Bratz, festival

Each of the five new dolls come with two outfits and accessories designed to suit the genre of music they are into. We received Jade who loves electro-pop and has a really futuristic, quirky look. Cloe loves American country rock, Sasha is a fan of chart topping dance music, Yasmin is a 70's dancing queen and Reya has a passion for retro jazz.

Jade looks so trendy with her platform boots, see through skirt, stripy leggings and green furry hoodie. Her colourful hair, alien handbag, shades, ear-rings and phone case are all as unique as she is. A multi-coloured ra-ra skirt and alien vest make up her second outfit choice, ready to dance the night away at a funky festival. A really nice touch with the packaging is that the handle doubles up as a multi-coloured fabric festival wristband for the child to wear.

Festival chic and cool outfits are just one part of the festival experience. With the unreliable British Summer Time, festivals often see a lot of rain, so if attending one, it is wise to go prepared with a raincoat and wellies. We've all seen the famous muddy Glastonbury videos and pictures of the floods at Download! Rain is often as much a part of festivals as the music. But rain does not stop play when it comes to festival season!

We were sent a poncho for the kids to pimp using stickers to make it festival ready! So staying dry and being stylish go hand in hand. With sparkly stars and stick on guitars, the poncho was transformed!

Here is little brother Freddy, ready to enjoy the festival experience, whatever the weather!

Bratz, festival chic

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