Monday, 16 November 2015

The QI range of Quite Interesting Gifts

From the brains behind the TV show QI, comes a range of really Quite Interesting gifts, puzzles and experiments, which will keep families entertained for hours. They are suitable for both adults and older children and will be great gifts for Christmas. From a set to blow square bubbles to sand that can't get wet to incredible optical illusions to singing, bouncing magnets - curious minds will be stretched and fascinated by these amazing products from Wow! Stuff. Also available is a mug and calendar filled with fascinating facts and quotes to discover everyday and a rather funky egg timer filled with iron filings. Any fans of QI will enjoy these gifts that feature host Stephen Fry on the front of the packaging.


We were sent two of the sets, the Quite Interesting Sand and the Square Bubbles.

Quite Interesting Sand

The special sands included in the Quite Interesting Sand set include a sand putty, that can be sculpted using the included tool or moulded by hand, and a hydophobic sand that has been treated with silicon gas, coating the particles making them come out of water bone dry. These tactile products let you explore the properties of the sands and experiment with them. The putty is actually quite stress relieving and playing with it is relaxing, making this a good idea for grown-ups as an interesting novelty gift.

The sets also come with a QI question and answer card filled with fascinating facts on a subject and an Elf Extra card featuring a fun activity to try at home. There is also a download to get a QI klaxon app included.



150g Sand putty
30g Hydrophobic sand
Sculpting Tool
General Ignorance and Elf Extra Card
FREE QI klaxon app at

RRP: £12.99

Square Bubbles

Making a square bubble is seemingly impossible until you have this kit. Inspired by Stephen Fry's demonstration on the QI show, this kit contains everything needed to achieve the impossible. A specially constructed structure, made from balls and connectors, allows you to create a suspended bubble that is most definitely more square than round. The iridescent, transparent cubic bubbles are sure to impress!

quite interesting


12 struts & 8 ball connectors
Bubble solution (250ml)
Full instructions for use, as well as online tips & tricks videos to get the most from the products
FREE QI klaxon app at

RRP: £7.99


These products are great for children with inquiring minds and adults who are interested in Quite Interesting stuff! They are excellent for Christmas as executive gifts for grown-ups or stocking fillers for the kids. There are hours of fun to be had exploring the sets and trying out the Elf Extra activity at home.

The QI sets are available at John Lewis, Waitrose and Tesco.


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