Monday, 2 November 2015

A Spooky Game Idea using a Glow in the Dark Mutant Zombie Hexbug

This Halloween, Freddy received a cool glow in the dark Mutant Zombie Hexbug Nano, boxed in its own coffin, so he could enjoy some glow in the dark party fun!  The little black Hexbug has a glow in the dark skeleton on its back, which glows once the lights are off.

Hexbug, Halloween

We love Hexbugs! The bug-like miniature robotic toys scuttle about randomly, bang into things and bounce off in different directions. They are quite mesmerising to watch.

Making the most of their random movement, Hexbug have devised a game, which we played at Halloween. The Hexbug is set loose onto a game board featuring various different spooky images. Each image is worth a certain number of points, and players accrue points when their Hexbug runs across the images. Highest score wins. This game can easily be modified for any time of year and is a fun way to play with Hexbugs.


Freddy had lots of fun with his glow in the dark Hexbug. The game was good as it encouraged him to use his maths skills to tally up the points when the Hexbug ran over the ghost, pumpkin, spider's web, cat, skull or bat.

Halloween, Hexbug

He spent a lot of time chasing the runaway bug as it left the game board and made off across the laminate floor, but that added to his fun. Having a barrier around the board would have avoided this from happening for any serious game players.


The Zombie Mutant Hexbug Nano is a great little collectible toy to add to your Hexbug collection. The glow in the dark skeleton works really well after being exposed to a light source for a short while and looks really cool when scuttling around with the lights off.  The coffin is a really nice touch for both storage and display. It is made from plastic with a broken lid that shows the Hexbug inside.

Hexbug, halloween

To find out more about the Hexbug range of toys go to They make great stocking fillers for Christmas and the game can easily be adapted with a festive theme.


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