Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Storage Solutions with Seagate Personal Cloud 2-Bay Home Media Storage #Review

In this modern age, we all have so much data stored across a multitude of devices, and much of it is precious and irreplaceable. Films, digital photographs, videos, music and documents are stored on our mobile phones, laptops and PCs. This is all well and good until one of these devices breaks, crashes or gets lost or stolen. It is a sobering thought to imagine the loss of years' worth of family photos and home videos. On my laptop alone I have some 64,000 images including scans of long gone hard copies dating back to the 1930's. These can never be replaced. If I add to this the thousands of home movie clips, MP3s of the children performing music and the photo edits that have been made for special occasions, thinking of any of them getting lost is truly heartbreaking.

Ian is constantly trying to back up data onto a second laptop, on memory sticks or external hard drives, but having this data spread around makes it difficult to retrieve and inaccessible without going on a major search. So I just tend to let him do it, knowing that we'll never access it unless in an absolute emergency situation. Having them backed up in this way means I don't feel confident in deleting them from my devices, which are now struggling with memory under the sheer volume of stored data.

I need to be able to get to my files directly from my laptop or smartphone, as I use my photos on a regular basis, so easy access is a really important factor when it comes to storage. Remote cloud storage is an option, but with the constant threat of security issues, I feel that saving personal files on someone else's hardware is not without risk. Renting room in the ether for my primary storage needs has never really appealed to me as an option.

Seagate Personal Cloud storage is a home based solution to the issue of storing files, and we are delighted to have received a Seagate Personal Cloud 2-Bay for review, to see how it changes our experience of file storage and usage. This review is done from my viewpoint - someone with limited technical knowledge, but with lots and lots of files that I want to be safe, secure and accessible.

home media storage

The 8TB cloud home media storage device has many of the features of remote providers, but with the benefit of belonging to you alone. The 8TB storage can be used as a whole for maximum capacity (RAID 0) or configured into two 4TB drives allowing the data storage to be mirrored, providing maximum protection (RAID 1) for your precious files. 4TB is a huge amount of space and plenty enough for us as a family, so the extra secure 2 bay system is right for our needs. If there is a problem with one of the bays, the second will still hold all the saved files safely.

Seagate Personal Cloud 2-Bay

The drive is a handsome, sleek black box that is simple yet classy enough to have in either home or office settings. Setting it up was so simple. Connecting the box to your router made it recognizable to our laptop, allowing the set-up wizard to do its thing. Once set up, all devices on our home network are able to see and access the cloud personal storage directly. This means we can all access stored material and save to the device. There is an option to have a private file for sensitive or personal material. The backup manager gives you lots of back up and syncing options direct from the homepage dashboard, which is easy to use with clear navigational tiles. You can choose to automatically sync data directly to the cloud, so you need not worry about remembering to back them manually and potentially losing files.

Seagate Personal Cloud 2-Bay

The homepage also connects you to the device manager, app manager and download manager, giving you the option to further personalise your experience according to your needs. The device manager is the setting menu for the personal cloud, allowing you to see status info and percentage of storage used etc. You can also check for updates, although the system does do autochecks. There are more advanced settings, but for me, I wanted the most simple way of managing my personal cloud.

Seagate Personal Cloud 2-Bay

You can enjoy your media on your TV using the Seagate Media app on your mobile to stream to your Apple TV, Chromecast or some LG TVs, to watch films, slideshows and home videos from your personal cloud. Devices with DLNA capability, such as PS4, XBox One or Smart TVs, can stream content directly. You can also connect to your device from anywhere using the Seagate Media app, giving access to your files away from home. So you can remotely access a photo or watch a film from wherever you are whenever you are online.

Seagate Personal Cloud 2-Bay

Our overall experience of the Seagate Personal Cloud has been really positive. I now have a fully accessible and extremely safe way to save all my files. I can watch slideshows or movies on my Smart TV directly from the personal cloud icon that appears on the screen. My photos can be accessed and used from my laptop just as easily if they were stored on my own hard drive. The Seagate Media app on my phone gives me another level of access to my files, which is convenient when away from home. The cloud is really user friendly to set up and to use. Ongoing, the Seagate Personal Cloud will be a real asset to our home, allowing the whole family to store and access files with confidence and ease
Seagate Personal Cloud 2 Bay retails at £359.99. Find out more about this product and the Seagate range of storage solutions for business and personal use including game drives, external hard drives and personal cloud home media storage at


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