Monday, 2 November 2015

Because I'm Happy!

We've all sung, danced and clapped along to Pharrell Williams' famously catchy song Happy. Well now we can read along to it too! The iconic tune is now a children's book, packed with colourful fun photos of children to accompany the lyrics.

We were sent a copy along with some props so that we could enjoy our very own happy party to celebrate the book's release. This was perfectly timed as Freddy's cousins were staying at our house, giving us the chance to have some fun together.  We got in some drinks and snacks, put the song on repeat and let the kids have fun as they explored the book. They were definitely very happy!

Happy, Pharrell Williams, party

The Happy! book is really quite unique, exploring what it means to be happy in a picture book format, perfect for young children to enjoy. It inspires a child's imagination and creativity, reinforcing the importance of happiness and being true to yourself.  The images show children riding a hot air balloon going up into space, dancing with clouds or rocking out as a band playing cardboard instruments or literally raising the roof of a building. They give a fantasy interpretation of the song's lyrics, exploring the theme of having fun together. Children of all cultures are included and they exude joy as they play imaginary games together. It really is a celebration of childhood, imagination and happiness.

Pharrell Williams

Young children will love the infectiously joyous imagery and the catchy text, whereas the kids able to read for themselves will enjoy reading the familiar words, building confidence and independence in their reading ability. The book is aimed for children aged between 3 and 7 years, but will be enjoyed by any fans of the Pharrell Williams' song, whatever their age. You can't help but smile :)

Penguin books, happy

Happy! is available now RRP £10.99 in hardback picture book published by Penguin Random House.


Happy, Pharrell Williams


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