Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Big City Sticker Book by Maggie Li

Maggie Li has a new interactive sticker book due to be published by Pavilion Books on September 3rd, based on her ever popular Big City Explorer book. The Big City Sticker Book allows children to explore some of the world's most exciting cities and comes with over 350 stickers.

Maggie Li

The very cute character, Penguin, acts as the guide on the virtual journey from city to city. He is hidden within the illustrations from each city, so younger children can have fun spotting him! Children can collect passport stamps as they globetrot their way through the book, showing the places they have visited.

Each page comes with a variety of activities and fun facts about the cities featured throughout the full colour pages. There are spaces on each page that children can complete using the stickers, which are colourful and fun, designed with Maggie Li's distinctively quirky style. 

Maggie Li Maggie Li, City

Each city represented within the book comes with a city suduko, a compass game, a flag to colour and a map reference. There are facts about the language spoken, the currency and the population along with visual references to the famous landmarks, food, people and culture. Some pages have a 'Find It' challenge to test the readers knowledge and observation skills further. The book is packed with information to get young, inquisitive minds thinking.

Older children will enjoy the compass challenge, which asks them to navigate their way from city to city by drawing arrows on the compass on each page leading to the next destination. An atlas at the front of the book shows the location of each city for reference.

london, sticker book, Maggie Li

The Big City Sticker Book encourages an interest in the world around us. It develops geographical skills such as compass work and map reading. Children use their visual skills to find Penguin on each page and to match the stickers to the blank spaces. It is a really fun way to learn about cities and nurture wanderlust in even the youngest explorers.

This is another lovely title from Maggie Li which costs £9.99 for the large A4 size paperback book. It has 64 pages plus 19 pages of stickers. It is published on September 3rd by Pavilion Children's Books.


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