Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Dinotrux on Netflix #streamteam

Netflix have a great new show that is proving to be really popular with my six year old son Freddy. Dinotrux is Dreamwork's Animation's new action packed series featuring some awesome half truck, half dinosaur characters.


The story centres on the adventures of Ty Trux, a huge Tyrannosaurus Trux and his tiny Reptool friend Revvit. When Ty's valley is destroyed by a volcano, he goes is search of a new place to call home. Injured and hungry he meets Revvit, who helps Ty and becomes his trusty sidekick and best friend.  They join with other Dinotrux and together they unite to defend themselves against big, bad bully D-Structs, an angry Dinotrux intent on destroying everything they have built.

The animation is incredible and the dinosaur/truck hybrids are just so imaginative. We love Ty's wrecking ball tail and the rock crusher jaws and Revvit's tape measure tongue!

The Dinotrux have problems to solve and use teamwork to find a solution, each employing their own skills along the way to build the things they need. This is a great message for kids showing the value of working together for the greater good. It also explores the theme of friendship, as the different Dinotrux learn to live together.

Freddy's favourite character is Revvit because "he is littler than all the Dinotrux, he is funny and nobody is scared of him and he always does good things!" One of Fred's favourite episodes in when Revvit ends up getting accidentally eaten by a hungry rock eating Dinotrux. We get a great look at the internal workings of a Dinotrux's digestion system. Tense stuff!

Dinotrux is definitely a great series that will help entertain the kids in the last days of the summer holidays. It's helped see us through these last few wet, rainy days.


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