Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Minecraft wherever you go with the wearable Gameband

Minecraft has taken the gaming world by storm. Freddy is a huge Minecraft fan and has his own beautifully designed and built world (courtesy of his big sister's boyfriend's building skills) which he loves playing in. He is also pretty obsessed with watching other people playing Minecraft on YouTube. It is an all encompassing hobby for a six year old gamer.

He was very excited to receive a Gameband + Minecraft to try out, which allows him to take his Minecraft obsession to the next level. The wearable wristband allows players to backup their Minecraft game, meaning they can plug it in to the USB port of any compatible laptop or desktop and play their saved game. The computer doesn't even need to have Minecraft installed onto it as it launches from the wristband itself. Minecraft worlds can be taken to friends' houses, on holiday or played at the grandparents' when visiting. Players never have to leave their Minecraft worlds behind again!

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Not only can the game be launched directly from the Gameband for playing, it also acts as a backup to keep Minecraft worlds safe. Data is saved both locally onto the band and remotely in secure cloud based servers. Even if your Gameband gets lost, you can still access your data by ordering a new one with your data intact, meaning your game is extremely safe, which is reassuring to serious players.

The Gameband also contains a collection of pre-made games, arenas and worlds, allowing players to experience a host of Minecraft action from the likes of Dragonz, Sethbling and Hypixel. This is a great feature allowing players to explore some incredible landscapes and buildings, giving them inspiration on just how amazing Minecraft can be.

The Gameband itself is a funky looking, sturdy black wristband, which comes complete with an LED display function showing the time, messages and pixelated images with the touch of a button. The band comes with pre-made settings, or you can customise it and create your own animations using the app Pixel Furnace.

The band clasps together with the USB port fitting securely into an opening with a click. It can pinch if you do it too close to the skin though so take care! The large Gameband is sized to fit an adult's wrist easily and comfortably and isn't too bulky to wear. The small one is great for kids. It is a really good looking, modern piece of kit and the watch function makes it multi-purpose.

The band comes in a snazzy little box with instructions on how to set it up. The Gameband comes with a demo version of Minecraft but needs the purchase of a licence to run the full game if you don't have it already. (This costs £17.95).  Once set up you can launch the game directly from the band by opening it and inserting it into the USB port of your computer. It is quite user friendly once you get the hang of it and Freddy is able to use it independently.

Take a look at this video to find out more about the Gameband with Minecraft.


The Gameband comes in Redstone and Diamond editions and is priced at £64.99. Find out more and order one from They make a great gift for Minecraft fans of any age...Christmas is only a few months away, never too early to start planning present ideas!


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