Friday, 7 August 2015

Playing with new Plasticine Softeez #PlasticineSofteez

We hosted a Plasticine Softeez Party in conjunction with and Plasticine. It allowed us to test out the new, softer, squishier modelling clay from Plasticine, and share our experiences during a two hour Twitter Party. 

plasticine, twitter party

I provided everyone with a lovely lunch, which included a great looking cake topped with a Plasticine Softeez cake plaque and coloured polka dot sprinkles as well as some savoury food to nibble on.

angel cake

There was a bit of an under the sea theme going on and I made some cheese spread topped open sandwiches shaped like a shoal of fish. I also decorated a pizza with fish shapes cut from a variety of toppings.

under the sea, party food

We had lots of activities for the guests to do during the party. Firstly, they used the Under the Sea Play Boxes, which contain 12 blocks of brightly coloured Plasticine Softeez, a play mat and nine accessories including cutters and rolling pin.

The soft texture of the modelling clay makes it perfect for little hands to shape and mould. The children used the cutters but also made under the sea creatures and plants freestyle, showing off their creativity. I particularly loved the deep sea diver and the pink sea dragon that Freddy and his little pal T made. Being able to use the Pasticine Softeez so easily to create exactly what they wanted to make was good for their confidence.

It is a really good set, which gives kids some structure to their creative play but also inspires them to create their own models based on the under the sea theme.


Using the Plasticine Softeez Tub of Fun gave rise to some really creative play. There was rolling, cutting, twisting, squeezing, spiralling and flattening!  The Softeez is really easy to work with and never dries out, making it perfect for freestyling imaginative fun. 

plasticine. making models, food

The fruit bowl that L made was so cute with its apple, banana and grapes (and what looks like a cucumber?)  The colours are all so vibrant and the Plasticine Softeez is just so inviting.


Making animals was another favourite theme. T's tiger cub was my favourite with its cute stripes! It is lovely to see the kids so inspired making a range of fun creations. A's elephant was really cute with its purple eyes and K's pink piglet looked so squishy.

plasticine, modelling

Rolling snakes with the Plasticine Softeez was a lot of fun. Everyone enjoyed using their hands to roll out the longest sausage shapes from the samples of the modelling clay. Using a tape measure we found the longest snake was 1.3 metres long! Everyone got a certificate with their name and the length of their snake recorded for prosperity. It was a really popular game that brought out some healthy competition among the guests!


The Cupcake Creations kit allows little ones to design and make cute cupcakes. The guests used the colouring sheets to design their cake before making it using the set which consists of 8 blocks of Plasticine Softeez, 1 cupcake mould, 1 cutter, 1 modelling tool, a roller and an instruction sheet. Big sister Kezia had some fun with this one. The Softeez is just so tactile, it is quite relaxing for older kids or us adults to have a play with. In fact all of us mums enjoyed trying it out as much as the kids did - it is a real stress reliever!

plasticine, friends

All in all, Freddy, his guests and his sisters had a really good time trying out the new Plasticine Softeez. Everybody left with goodie bags filled with samples, sweets, stickers and toys.

modelling clay, Plasticine

We enjoyed this Twitter party and loved the new Plasticine Softeez products. Thank you to and Plasticine UK for having us as hosts.

***Update ***

The Plasticine Softeez is still as soft as it was when we first used it. The claim that it doesn't dry out is definitely true! It also has not gone that dirty brown colour that happens when the different colours get mixed together. We have some multicoloured lumps but they still look appealing and colourful. This is a great new product in the modelling dough market that is long lasting and can be reused again and again.


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