Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Making a summer memory jar

Soft and Fluffy Summer Moments

Roberts Bakery have come up with a lovely idea for preserving our memories of the summer. They have sent me a lovely big Kilner jar into which we will be popping souvenirs from days out, diary pages and photos to create a summer memory jar. When summer is over and we are thrust back into the humdrum routine of school runs and daily drudgery, looking back through our memory jar will help brighten even the greyest day.

What I love about the memory jar idea is that even Freddy can contribute. He still hates having to sit down and write anything longer than a few words, so the prospect of a full blown holiday diary or scrapbook was met with horror. Pages of blank paper needing to be filled with words was way too daunting for my boy. However, writing down a couple of words on a slip of paper or drawing a quick sketch to be added to the jar along with leaflets, photos, shells found on the beach and tickets from attractions, was a much more enticing prospect. He could see the jar filling up and actively wanted to be a part of the project.

A memory jar is such a simple idea. By adding a memory for each memorable day, you will create a wonderful collection of magical moments that can be revisited again and again. The jar can be decorated using stickers or Sharpie markers to personalise it.

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This summer so far has been filled with wonderful moments: Freddy's family Minecraft birthday party, our holiday in Yorkshire, visits to Alton Towers, the Dungeons and SeaLife. We've been to the cinema and have had days out and in with family and friends. Spending quality times with loved ones is what summer is all about to us. That and impromptu lunchtime picnics in the garden using Roberts Bakery Soft & Fluffy White bread!

You can visit the Roberts Bakery Facebook Page for the chance to win £100 in their Soft & Fluffy Moment Competition. Simply vote for your favourite Soft & Fluffy moment in their poll and add your email address to be entered. It's easy. (Open to UK residents aged 13 and over. Winner announced on September 7th 2015.)

Thank you to Roberts Bakery for inspiring us to make our own memory jar - it's such a lovely way to preserve our happy, soft and fluffy summer memories.


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