Monday, 20 July 2015

Get Your Game Face On at PLAY it! Manchester July 25th - Aug 9th

I remember my first games console, the Intellivision that my dad surprised me with on Christmas Day 1979. I played Lock 'n' Chase until I completed all ten levels of the crazy, maze style game. I still remember the sense of accomplishment on completing it. In the late 80's a Sega Master System with the built in Alex Kidd game became my console of choice, quickly followed in the early 90's by the Sega Mega Drive complete with the first Sonic the Hedgehog game. This was my era! The 2D gaming platforms worked for me and I was the house champion at many of the games we owned, in particular the Lion King, which was our first ever official Disney video game. 

Since then, games have advanced to unrecognisable levels of incredible graphics, complex gameplay and 3D imagery. As our consoles became upgraded to the latest models, I found myself left behind and I conceded ownership of my gaming crown years ago. I've watched all five of my children grow up immersed in the technology of gaming and developing the instinctive skills necessary to be able to beat the end of level bosses and create their own virtual worlds. I'm in utter awe of what they can do. Gaming is a big part of life here Inside the Wendy House. From my eldest son and World of Warcraft expert Joe to my youngest Freddy, who is a massive Minecraft fan, we have enjoyed sharing the gaming accomplishments of all our children.

This summer, I am excited to be able to introduce my kids to some of the games that their mama used to play as PLAY it! comes to the MOSI Manchester, as part of their 'Imagine it, Make it, Move it' programme of events.  From July 25th to August 9th, visitors to the exhibition can get to play some of the most popular video games from the past 30 years, from Pong and Pac-Man to Minecraft and Halo, enter multiplayer competitions, take on  friends or family in collaborative games and play on consoles and gaming systems including Atari, Commodore, Spectrum, Megadrive, SNES, Nintendo 64, PC, PlayStation and Xbox. There are six themed zones with more than 120 consoles and games ready to test skills and give young visitors a taste of retro gaming, alongside the chance to try their hand at some more contemporary consoles.

Families can drop in for 90 minute sessions, whereas seasoned gamers can buy a full day pass or attend an adult-only evening session. PLAY it! is open to anyone with a passion for games. Individual day sessions start at just £4 while a family session is £12. All day passes are just £10. PLAY it! promises to be a fun and entertaining way to spend time with the family this summer holiday.

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