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Rug Doctor Review

My son and his girlfriend have just moved house.  We helped them on Sunday with the big clean up to make everything look spick and span, and part of this job was to clean the beige coloured carpets.  Professional carpet cleaning can cost a lot of money, and for young couples the last thing they want to do is fork out cash unnecessarily.  It made sense to hire a Rug Doctor to deep clean their carpets for a fraction of the price.

Wherever you live in the UK, you are probably within a 10 minute car drive from a rental outlet.  Many supermarkets, cleaners and DIY stores are outlets from which you can hire a Rug Doctor.

A 24 hour rental complete with a bottle of cleaning detergent costs just over £30.  This will clean approximately 38 sq m of carpet (about two rooms).

rug doctor, review, carpet cleaning

The machine fitted easily into my son's car on the rear seat.  It was in a good and clean condition and ready to use straight away.

The instructions to get the machine ready for use were easy to follow and within minutes the cleaner was filled with warm water and cleaning detergent in the tanks.  

The Rug Doctor injects cleaning solution into the pile of the carpet and sucks it back up picking up all the dirt, grime and nasties lurking deep down.  A vibrating brush agitates the carpet loosening tough dirt and fluffing up the pile.  80% of the cleaning solution is extracted by the machine leaving carpets dry in just a couple of hours.

carpet cleaning, Rug Doctor

Using the Rug Doctor is much like using a very heavy vacuum cleaner that you pull backwards.  Unfortunately, the instructions on the machine were a bit vague and consequently he didn't manage to use the attachments, but we did get it all working.  My daughter, who was helping her brother, found it quite hard to use as she struggled to pull the machine backwards due to its weight and ended up with a painful wrist.  However, my son didn't have a problem using it.  The amount of solution going onto the carpet seemed a bit inconsistent leaving some patches much damper than others, but that could have been user error.  Overall though, the Rug Doctor worked efficiently and the carpet was cleaned quickly.  


I was impressed with the end result.  Although it was not 100% perfect, the carpet was much cleaner and the water in the tank was filthy, so we know that a lot of dirt and grime was lifted from the pile.  It definitely provided a new lease of life to the carpet.  As you can see from the Before and After photos below, most of the stains were considerably lightened or removed by the solution.  It is shocking to see just how much dirt is trapped inside the fibres of a carpet. 

carpet cleaning, Rug Doctor

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*We were sent a voucher for  24 hr hire.*


  1. I've used the Rug Doctor a couple of times myself and found it very good. Must clean my carpets again soon!

  2. Jessica Whitehead-Stevens4 July 2012 at 17:16

    We used a rug doctor my son crawled on the floor when it had just been cleaned and all his hands came up in chemical burns. We took him to hospital and he was bandaged up to his elbows. It totally wrecked out holiday. Rug doctor do not care and just say it cannot have been from their cleaner. They are a big company they didn't even offer 1p compensation for all they pain and suffering it caused. Its totally disgusting.

  3. Oh no, that is shocking that the company did not show any compassion. We did not suffer any problems from using it, but thanks for sharing your experience here in case anyone else suffers something similar.

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  5. I feel most impressed when I see the advert on TV for the Rug Doctor.
    It is good to know that it actually works in reality and the difference looks
    quite significant on the carpet in Joe and Jades new home.

  6. Spookily we hired one this weekend gone too. Much improvement on our rented out rooms carpets, but I found the cost of the shampoo stuff was really expensive. And we still needed to remove stains with a proper stain remover as the rug doctor didn't do that. But overall, much cheaper than getting in a professional cleaner with their version.

  7. ashleigh allan15 July 2012 at 07:50

    always wondered about this - looks like it works pretty well x

  8. this is well known that newly married couples want to save money for their bright future so it is not easy to pay a huge amount in carpet cleaning. so in order to avoid it you can use rug doctor for better result. it is very good and easy facility and provides a deep clean. and it is very easy to maintain also.

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