Monday, 2 July 2012

New Chocolatey Cheerios!

There is a new flavour of Cheerios hitting the supermarket shelves and we've had a try of them!  New Chocolatey Cheerios are four grain cereal loops flavoured with chocolate in every bite.

chocolate cereals

They are wholegrain, low in fat and contain added vitamins and minerals.

cereal, Cheerios

My children are not big fans of chocolate flavoured cereals served with milk for breakfast.  However, they did enjoy grabbing handfuls of the cereal as a snack and thoroughly enjoyed them that way.  This is definitely a healthier snacking option than a bar of chocolate or a biscuit so I'm happy for them to eat them in this way.  They will be getting Calcium, Iron and wholegrain goodness which is a definite bonus while enjoying a sweet treat.

cereals, chocolate

As with all chocolate flavoured cereals, I think that if they can encourage reluctant eaters to enjoy breakfast in the morning, then they are serving a purpose.  However, neither myself or my kids like the idea of having a sweet, chocolatey breakfast and will stick to original Cheerios.  

Take a look at the Cheerios Facebook page.


  1. Hate to say it but not another chocolate breakfast cereal! I refuse to buy them myself and would rather they found a way of removing sugar and chocolate instead of adding another to the already flooded cereal market *steps off non chocolate soap box*

  2. I don't understand Chocolate Cereals...i thought they were going to come up with something 'new'.

  3. Choccy chereos would go down well here, but i allways tell myself cheerioes are are "slim" option for me, maybe the choccy will ruin my illusion

  4. I have often enjoyed a dish of plain cheerios for breakfast - I love that crunchy
    consistency but I will definately try the chocolate cheerios - they sound delicious.
    Freddy looks as though he is enjoying them and that is good enough for me.

  5. they sound delicious.



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