Thursday, 4 November 2010

I've got a new camera!!!

Fabulous, gadget mad husband could not bear the fact that I was struggling with an automatic digital camera any more.  For ages the creative side of me has been frustrated with the lack of control regarding taking photographs.  Many a beautiful photographic opportunity has been wasted because my camera decided to focus on the background instead of on Freddy's smile. The slightly blurred pictures on the LCD viewing screen becomes a horrible smudged mess when uploaded onto the PC.

Littlest son is also not the greatest model in the world...his big sister Ella was one of those babies who understood her mother's need to capture every moment in photo form.  She would beam effortlessly at the slightest suggestion of a camera moment.  Freddy on the other hand is a far trickier model to capture.  He'll be all grins and little teeth until the camera shutter button is depressed.  My old camera has a noticeable delay that is just long enough for Fred to turn away.  I have so many photos of the back of his head it's untrue!  Other favourite avoidance techniques include the look down or the lunge, which are illustrated below! 

I have felt for a while that I am missing out on the photos I want, the ones I create in my mind but just can not translate into the end result.  However, I am not someone who finds it easy to spend money on myself.  You just have to look into my wardrobe to get evidence of my lack of personal spending (some of the contents are circa 1991...and not in a good retro way either)!  I do not own a handbag (I bung everything in Fred's changing bag)!  I am still wearing last year's mis-shapen fake Uggs (even though I desperately covet a pair of buckle-up DM ankle boots)!  So the idea of spending the best part of £500 on a non-necessity is something I could not even contemplate.

However, my wonderful husband felt differently.  He wants me to exercise my creativity, capturing those fleeting moments in Freddy's childhood forever.  He wants me to capture the sort of picture that we'll want blown up into a huge canvas for the living room wall.  He knows that I love competitions but simply can't compete in terms of quality (although blurred offerings are not uncommon I personally couldn't put my name to anything I didn't think was worthy of winning). So, to these ends he came home from work today having bought me a Lumix G2. 

He'd done his homework, read the reviews and decided that this was the answer.  I used to love my SLR camera from the pre-digital days, and this seems to combine elements from both old school SLR and uber modern digital photography.  He is excited about it!  Me on the other hand have my usual fear and trepidation regarding change...but I'm looking forward to overcoming that and exploring the potential that this camera has to offer.  Hopefully I'll have some nice piccies to post soon!!


  1. I'm so jealous! I would LOVE a Lumix G2. One day... One day...

  2. Oooo - jealous! My digital SLR died just before I went on holiday at half term and I feel lost without it - so many Tori moments being missed :( Best camera I've ever had, even if I did need to have the manual on hand most of the time to figure out half of the settings (yes, right up until it gave up on me, four years after I bought it. There were *that* many options.) It didn't do so badly though in the end I suppose, survived being battered through uni, went to Spain and got beaten by Tori for a year. It was well used.
    Can't afford a new one of the same quality anymore though so I'm desperately saving to try and get an even half-decent replacement. Just fuzzy pictures are better than no pictures at all!!

  3. Wanted to give you the chance to capture the shots that you want. To do this you need a camera that has enough options that it will let you take control. This camera has options and then some. Love you my wife in the Wendy house.XXX



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