Monday, 13 November 2017 Toy Range is a game that has taken the internet by storm, with the app being downloaded over 150 million times. 124 million games are played each month in the UK with 60% of British kids under the age of 14 having downloaded it. has been a huge influencer on YouTube with many famous vloggers doing videos of the game on their channels. The ever growing, colourful Slithers are an iconic gaming phenomenon.

Now fans of the game can enjoy the characters off screen too with the release of the range of toys. The super cool and instantly recognisable collectible toys feature the skins found in the award winning game, with many different ones to collect including ultra rare, patriotic and rainbow versions. Toy Range

The bendable Slither figures are approximately 14cm in length and come in blister packs of three (including one mystery Slither) and blind bags containing a single mystery Slither. They have body segments making then bendy, and they have a cute little face. There are 15 skins to collect in Series 1, in varying colours and designs.

The Slither bendable plush soft toy is cute and cuddly. They come in a range of designs and are 8" long. They are lovely for hugging and have a detailed, expressive, embroidered face.

The Mini Mystery Squishie Slither comes in a sealed hexagonal tub. There are 15 designs including two rare and one ultra rare to collect. You don't know which one you'll find inside.

Freddy is 8 and a big fan of the game and YouTube videos so he was extremely excited to discover this range of toys. Like most children of his age, Freddy also loves collectible toys, making them a huge hit. He was thrilled to find a rare purple Slither in his blind bag. He is planning on using his Slithers to make a stop motion animation!

The RRP of the 3 pack is £10.99, the blind bag is £3.99, the mini squishie is £3.99 and the plush toy is £9.99.

They will most definitely be excellent as stocking fillers for the kids this Christmas. They are cute, colourful, collectible and will be loved by fans of old or young.


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