Thursday, 2 November 2017

Christmas Presents for A Fiver from Sports Direct #sdfiverchallenge has always been my usual first choice when it comes to shopping for low cost tracksuits, swimming costumes and football boots for the kids and it's our go-to place for when we need new trainers.

With Christmas coming up, I've been challenged to choose some Christmas gifts, with a budget of £5 for each present, from Sports Direct. Initially, I envisioned everyone on my Christmas list getting multipacks of Donnay trainer liners or a logo'd polo shirt under the tree this year, however, I was surprised to discover that the website sells so much more than just cut price sportswear and socks.

With a range that includes jewellery, accessories, bags, cosmetics, fashion wear, fragrance, books and toys, Sports Direct offers hundreds of products, many of which are priced at £5 or less. Thanks to their buying power, many items cost less than they do elsewhere.  These lost cost finds make ideal gifts for teachers, the kids' school pals, Secret Santas and stocking fillers.

Searching the website, it was easy to use the filters to bring up items in each category priced at £5 or less, and there was plenty to choose from. From teddy bears to art sets to mugs to t-shirts, the range was quite extensive and interesting. I was able to find gifts to suit most people on my list.

Ordering was simple, with a flat £4.99 postage charge and my delivery came within a few days.

Donnay Basketball Play Set £5.00

This is a great gift idea for both children or adults. It makes a good novelty game for grown-ups who can hook it up to the office door or wall and relieve stress by shooting hoops. The soft ball is safe for indoor use.

This would be a great stocking filler for my young at heart 29 year old son. He's a sporty businessman who I can just imagine shooting hoops between making deals!

Donnay Basketball Play Set

2 in 1 Prehistoric Excavation Kit £5.00 (RRP £10.00)

This is perfect for budding paleontologists who will love unearthing fossils and bones in a dino dig using the digging tool and brush. There are four replica fossils and a T-Rex skeleton to excavate from the plaster blocks. A magnifying glass lets junior scientists study their finds. The dinosaur bones fit together to create a 3D model.  I love that this is both fun and educational for children with an interest in STEM subjects.

I have a dinosaur loving nephew who would really enjoy finding this gift under the tree on Christmas morning. The physical activity of bashing the rocks would definitely keep him entertained and the model and fossils would be proudly displayed afterwards.

2 in 1 Prehistoric Excavation Kit

Rain Check? Umbrella £5.00 (RRP £12.99)

I love this see-through, black handled, dome plastic brolley from Miso. It has a cute 'rain check?' logo that has a very John Green-esque style with the pale blue cloud and white font.

It is a great gift for my university student daughter who is doing her Masters in wet and rainy Manchester! As she is also a John Green fan, the design is perfect for her too.

Rain Check Umbrella

Zartz - Urban Throwing Darts £5.00

This is a really fun gift that consists of a super sticky, oversized dart and two hand held targets. You can it, whip it, flick it and stick it! The tip of the dart is made from SOFTEK foam that sticks to loads of different surfaces and can be played inside and outside. Kids will love it, but so will the young at heart!

Freddy, who is eight is going to love throwing around this dart on Christmas morning. I can imagine him enjoying some target practice with his older siblings and I'm sure it will be aimed at various objects during the day. I just hope the TV won't become a target during the Queen's speech!

Zartz - Urban Throwing Darts

Plastic Boules £3.00

Boules is a great family game and at £3 would be a great priced present for neighbours or family friends. The set consists of eight weighted balls and a little white jack in a black plastic case. For the price, it really is top value - cheaper than a box of chocolates and much more long lasting!

This is going to be a great gift for one of my friends and her kids. With life being so expensive these days, we agree that we won't spend a lot on each other and just choose a token giftsexchange. For the money, this is a good choice. They will enjoy playing it together long after the festive season is over.

Plastic Boules

I was impressed with all my buys. For the low price tag, they are good quality items. My only complaint is that my goods arrived in a plastic postage bag, and the box of the Excavation Kit was damaged in transit, which is a shame when being bought as a gift. Other than that, everything arrived in good condition and arrived as expected from the descriptions on the website.

There was many more things I could have chosen that would suit everyone from young children through to adults. Some things have a sporty theme such as football team teddy bears, fidget spinners and wallets, but there are plenty of non-sporty items too. You can find things from big brands such as Playmobil, Fisher Price, Playdoh and Playskool and there are also items featuring favourite characters from Disney, Bratz, DC Comics, Barbie and Marvel. There are some brilliant rock band mugs on the website at the moment that are great value at just £4.99 for the music lovers in the family. So Sports Direct isn't just for the sports fans in the family. It's definitely worth taking a look at the website for some gift buying inspiration this Christmas.

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