Friday, 10 November 2017

BioCare's Vitamins and Supplements

I am pretty health conscious and spend a lot of time thinking about the diet that my family has. I aim to ensure that everyone gets at least their five a day with plenty of colourful and nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables. I try to include wholegrains, pulses, nuts and plant based proteins in meals. As we are vegans I am very aware of the need for B12 and vitamin D in our diets. However, there will always be days when what we eat falls a little short on vitamins and minerals or times where we need a little extra help to stay as healthy as we can, and for that reason I am a big advocate of  dietary supplements.

BioCare, the professional supplement specialists, stock a huge range of dietary supplements through their online shop, with many being suitable for vegans. Products can easily be filtered for allergens, making you able to shop with confidence. They have products specifically suitable for men, women, the elderly and children, covering a whole host of health applications including supporting weightloss, detoxing, seasonal immunity support and digestive health. Advice on the website helps point you in the direction you need for specific health concerns or you can directly contact a nutritional therapist on the clinical nutrition advice line.

We received some of BioCare's products to try out, to help us through the winter months, supplementing our diets, supporting health goals and helping support our immunity against seasonal bugs.

BioCare Nutritional Supplements

The BioCare Adult Multivitamins and Minerals are a good all round, one a day supplement for nutritional support, that are Vegetarian Society Approved and are suitable for vegans. They contain bioavailable minerals for easy absorption. They contribute to the maintenance of normal bones, muscles and teeth; to the normal function of the immune system and to the energy-yielding metabolism. A pack of 30 capsules is £11.95.

Children's Elderberry Complex has been especially designed for children aged 3+.  It is a fruity liquid that can be used in drinks or added to foods. It contains zinc and vitamin C and is suitable for vegans. It will help little ones by supporting their immune system, especially important at this time of year. A 150ml bottle is £8.95.

Children's Elderberry Complex

Everyday BioAcidophilus contains 10 billion of the clinically-researched LAB4 live bacteria plus natural prebiotics to support gut health.  They are free from common allergens like dairy and are suitable for vegans. They come in convenient 7 days strips - handy for taking on-the-go – and don’t need to be refrigerated. A pack of 28 costs £13.96.

Everyday BioAcidophilus

FemForte Multi is a comprehensive, high potency multivitamin, mineral and antioxidant complex, particularly suited to the special requirements of women. It contains high ratios of nutrients supportive of female health, and also includes green tea extract. They are suitable for vegans. A pack of 90 is £27.50.

FemForte Multi

Red Berry BioMelts are for children. The individual sachets contain unique live bacteria with vitamin D in a delicious, natural red berry flavoured powder that melts on the tongue and is easy for children to take.  The Department of Health recommends that a daily supplement of vitamin D should be given to young children and this is an easy way to do so.  A 28 day supply is £17.95.

NEW Vitamin C Rosehip Complex is a great tasting vitamin C powder with minerals, bioflavonoids and berry extracts. This handy powder dissolves easily into water making it good for people who struggle to swallow capsules or tablets. Each 5g dose provides 1g of vitamin C with minerals such as zinc and manganese. This is great for the winter months as it contributes to the normal function of the immune system. It is suitable for vegans. 150g costs £15.95.

Vitamin C Rosehip Complex

You can find these and many more products at Delivery is free on orders over £25 and same day dispatch is available.


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