Thursday, 1 September 2016

Doritos A or B: Two Flavours, One Winner!

There are only a few days left for Doritos fans to take part in their latest promotion and try one of the new duo of flavours  – Sizzling Salsa (Doritos A) or Ultimate Cheeseburger (Doritos B).   Be quick though, because only one flavour can stay and the other will be eliminated!

The decision lies with the public. We get the chance to enter a pretty cool competition with the chance of winning a £20, 000 prize by telling Doritos whether we want to eliminate #DoritosA or #DoritosB and then come up with an idea on how the elimination should take place. Should they be thrown into a volcano? Fed to ravenous hounds? Sent to outer space? The winner will also have their idea turned into an  animation so the funniest most creative ideas will work best.


Doritos A is a Sizzling Salsa flavour, which packs the punch of a fresh and tangy tomato dip.  Doritos B is Ultimate Cheeseburger flavoured. For me, it's Sizzling Salsa all the way! It combines the taste of the dip with the crunchy chip. Perfect for parties, film nights and snacking.

You have until September 4th to try both before deciding which flavour you’ll eliminate, revealing your boldest idea of how the losing flavour should be obliterated.

To enter, simply tweet @DoritosUK and say whether you’d eliminate #DoritosA or #DoritosB and how it should be done.  Be bold, be funny and be sure to enter!

Doritos A and Doritos B flavours have an RRP of £1.99 for a 200g bag and are available for a limited time only alongside the existing Doritos range from stores nationwide. For more information visit


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