Thursday, 1 September 2016

Fun at the Num Nums Bella Italia Event

Freddy has always enjoyed playing with little collectible toys, the kind that come in mystery blind packs. This includes his latest favourites, Num Noms, the cute collection of stackable, scented toys. Now on Num Noms Series 2, there are so many different varieties and flavour combinations available, the fun just keeps growing!

We were invited to attend a Num Noms event at Bella Italia in Cheshire Oaks and we were delighted to go along and join in with the fun. Aside from a mountain of Num Noms toys to play with, Freddy had a wonderful time getting Num Noms painted onto his arm, taking part in a 'smell' challenge, designing his own Num Nom and making his own yummy pizza and ice cream sundae.

He spent a lovely few hours immersed in all things Num Noms and had a great time! The wacky craze is so cute and colourful, bringing the scents of different foods to life and Bella Italia was an awesome venue to showcase Series 2 that includes the Pizza flavoured Num Noms.

Num Noms

If you have yet to discover the world of Num Noms, prices start at just £2.99. The little toys can be mixed and matched into tonnes of wacky flavour combinations across the ranges, including brunch, cupcakes, ice cream, pizza, freezie pops, diner and fruity.  The Nums come with motorized bases or lip gloss, eraser or stamper Noms to add to the enjoyment. Play sets, starter sets and party packs are all available to add to your collection.

Find out more at and find them in good toy stores, Argos, Amazon and Tesco.


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