Friday, 2 September 2016

Healthy Eating with Koko dairy free yogurts and DRINKmaple Water

Koko Dairy Free Yogurts

My whole family are dedicated vegetarians, but my eldest daughter also follows a strict dairy free diet for health reasons. Over the years, I have developed a big interest in finding all the latest vegan products to hit the supermarket shelves and we enjoy lots of alternatives to dairy products, such as nut milks, soya cream and coconut spreads.

Koko Dairy Free has launched a brand new range of dairy, soya, gluten and nut free yogurts made with coconut milk and yogurt cultures in Strawberry, Peach & Passionfruit, Raspberry, Coconut & Lemon and Original Plain flavours. 


The fruity varieties are so creamy and delicious with real fruit pieces. They come in handy 125g twin packs that are perfect for lunchboxes. They are ideal for kids who are lactose intolerant and for vegans. RRP is £1.25 with stockists including Morison's and Ocado. Koko products are stocked in supermarkets and health food stores nationwide. See the range at

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DRINKmaple Water

Staying hydrated is an important part of a healthy lifestyle with water being the best, simplest and easiest way of keeping our bodies naturally hydrated. I was very interested to learn of an exciting product on the market DRINKmaple, which is pure water taken straight from Vermont Maple trees. Nothing is added, it is just naturally fortified by Mother Nature inside the tree. I was given some to try out.

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The Maple Water is naturally sweet and refreshing with a hint of maple. It contains 50% less natural sugar than coconut water, has natural electrolytes, antioxidants, prebiotics and minerals. It contains more manganese than a cup of  kale, is a good source of calcium and is naturally vegan and gluten free. The water is clear and refreshing, with the benefit of 46 naturally occurring nutrients. So it's like water - but naturally better!

maple water

Every morning I have a smoothie for breakfast with berries, spinach, banana and apple. I usually add water as a liquid, but I've switched to DRINKmaple Water. It adds a subtle hint of maple sweetness, and lots of replenishing nutrients, which is another great bonus.

Drinking it on its own, you can really taste the maple flavour. It is earthy and sweet, with just 8 calories per 100ml. Everytime you buy DRINKmaple, they will supply 200 gallons of clean water to countries in developing nations that have suffered drought or disaster, which is a lovely way of giving back.

Find out more at and find DRINKmaple at Ocado, Wholefoods, Planet Organic and over 200 other stores, including Selfridges, Revital and Harvey Nichols. Three sizes are available: 250ml Tetra £1.99 / 355ml BPA free bottle £2.59 / 946ml Tetra £3.99.


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