Thursday, 29 January 2015

Bath Time Fun for Little Ones with the Bathtime Buddies Alphabet Set

A Bathtime Poem

The bath is not just for cleaning and washing,
It's a place for fun and splishing and sploshing!
A place for imagination and play.
A place to unwind at the end of the day.

When little Freddy jumps himself in,
Submerging himself right up to this chin,
Immersed in a sea of bubbly bubbles
Full of magical fun, free from all troubles.
One of the things he really enjoys
Is having some fun and playing with toys.

My little schoolboy is quite discerning,
Enjoying mixing play with learning,
So his favourite toy to get,
Is his Bathtime Buddies Alphabet Set!


Learning how to read and spell,
Is something he is doing well,
His ability just keeps getting better,
The more he plays with the colourful letters.
Making words, spelling names,
Learning while he plays his games!

They stick to the side of the bath,
(And also to him, which makes him laugh!)
The 65 letters can also float,
Like a fleet of alphabetical boats.

And when bathtime is over for another day,
The letters are easy to pack away.
Scoop them up - water and all
Then drain with the lid...this is so cool!
A clean boy and tidy bath post play,
Is thanks to the experts at H & A!

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Overview: The Bathtime Buddies Alphabet Set consists of 65 lowercase foam letters that float in water and can stick to tiles and onto the bath tub. They come in a storage tub with a holed lid for drainage.

They are fun, educational and there are plenty of repeated letters to make words with.  They float and stick well and are a great value bath toy for little ones to enjoy!

Suitable for ages 3+. Available in Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco & Wilko  RRP £3.30

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