Friday, 9 January 2015

5 Ways to Create Extra Space in Your Home

With the start of a brand new year, I am turning my mind to home improvements. After the hustle and bustle of the festive period, January is the perfect time to reflect on things you can do to get your home looking its best and making sure it meets your needs.

Having a big family, space is often an issue, especially when all five children are home at the same time.  I love having an open door policy, where family and friends are always welcome to join us, but sometimes I wish I had the room to accommodate everyone a bit more comfortably.  This year I am focusing on ways to improve our living space and make the most of the room we have.

Here are five top tips for creating extra space in our homes.

1: Homes are generally far more cluttered these days as our demand for material things outweighs our available space. Decluttering is the simplest way to reclaim the extra space in your home, and if you donate the unwanted items to charity, you will be helping out others in the process. This is a win-win situation!  Get a little ruthless and get rid of anything that you don't use or don't need that is taking up valuable room. You can take photos of anything that has any sentimental value if you find it hard to part with something.  Adopt a one in one out policy, so whenever you buy something new, you throw an older thing away so you can keep on top of your possessions.  If you find parting with possessions difficult, box them up and put them away in the loft.  If after a year you haven't missed them, then it is time to get rid of them without any regrets.

2: Make the best use of the space you have got by investing in good storage solutions.  Underbed storage, built in cupboards and an outdoor storage unit can help free up room space and help keep your house tidy. Utilising the space under the stairs or making box seats in bay windows or shelving in alcoves can really help to keep you organised and in control.  Sliding doors are a great space saving idea as they do not encroach into the room.  Encourage children to tidy away their toys in a toy box.  It is amazing how much space the youngest members of the family take up with all of their possessions, especially in the post-Christmas period with all their new presents, so getting them into the habit of tidying up after themselves will reclaim back some valuable space.

3: Invest in a sofa bed - for occasional guests it makes sense to have somewhere where they can sleep in comfort, transforming any room into a multi-functional living space.  During the day it provides extra seating too. Futons are a great idea for smaller spaces.

4: You can carry out some home improvements and add an extra room to your home by having a conservatory built to utilise your outdoor space.  It's a big investment but will add value to your home as well as space.

Choosing a reputable company, such as Reddish Joinery, a family business established in 1967, you can ensure that the job will be done to a high quality specification, with skilled workmanship and great personal service.  A conservatory can be made to measure to your exact requirements to create a bright and comfortable additional space. It can be used as a dining room, lounge or a multi-purpose room/spare bedroom.

A conservatory is top on my list of improvements that I would love to make to my house.  A whole extra room would be wonderful for family get togethers and would add so much extra functional space to my home.

making space, conservatory

5: If you can't free up extra space, then fake it! Use good lighting to create an illusion of spaciousness. Use strategic lighting to stretch out the corners of the room.  Mirrors are great at reflecting natural light and give the illusion of extra space.  Use light colours on the walls and pick furniture that is also lightly coloured. This will give any room an airier ambiance and make it feel much bigger than it really is.

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