Monday, 26 January 2015

Vanish Gold for Whites - three shades whiter whites

Crisp, dazzlingly white washing hanging on the line, blowing gently in the breeze is an evocative image of laundry perfection.  Unfortunately, the reality is often very different. Greying, dingy whites, often peppered with stand out food stains are more likely to be found in my laundry pile.  Kezia's white shirts started off so crisp and white, but over time the brilliant whiteness has given way to dull discolouration.  It's the same for white school socks and Freddy's vests.

Thankfully, I have joined the Vanish Blogger's Club in celebration of the launch of their latest innovation - Vanish Gold for Whites.  It can help get dingy whites up to three shades whiter and can remove stains in just 30 seconds.  No longer the bane of the laundry pile, my whites will soon be dazzling again!

Over the next couple of months, I'll be celebrating my whites and finding out how the Vanish Gold for Whites can reverse the process of greying.  I'll also be discovering how it can help keep whites looking as good as new for longer in the Bed Linen Challenge.  I'm very excited to test this product and hopefully it will revolutionise my washing experience and help keep my family looking smarter in their whites!

I'll be blogging all about it, here Inside the Wendy House!

Let's hope I get Kezia's white school shirts as sparkling as her smiles!

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