Saturday, 29 October 2016

Num Noms Halloween Fun #SpookySenses

This Halloween, Num Noms have come up with a fun Trick or Treat Game and a Num Noms inspired spooky recipe, perfect to keep little ones entertained this weekend. 

The Num Noms Trick or Treat Game is a blindfold guessing game where the kids get to eat mystery foods, some delicious as a treat, some slightly more gross or unexpected as a trick. When you are blindfolded it is always a bit nerve wracking putting unknown food into your mouth. Use food such as sweets, crisps or fruit as the treats and use things such as olives, cold beans or pickles as the tricks. You could even award a prize to the person who correctly guesses what they have eaten. The Num Noms blind packs make great little party prizes. Tasting games use the senses of smell and taste and are a fun sensory experience for little ones.

Halloween Game

The Num Noms Crispy M Mallow Brains recipe is a spooky take on the classic puffed rice and marshmallow cake, inspired by the M Mallow Num Nom, which is shaped and decorated like oozy brains! They are a no-cook recipe which can be done under adult supervision. Younger children will enjoy helping to mix the rice pops into the melted marshmallow mix, shape and decorate the brains.

Halloween recipe

Inspired by the collectible, scented, stackable, mix and matchable Num Noms toys, both activities will add to the spirit of the season for any party or Halloween get together.

Just click on the image of  the activity sheet above to open it up and print off.


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