Monday, 24 October 2016

Doing our #FrubesMoves with Angry Birds

When it comes to fun family films, The Angry Birds Movie was such an absolute unexpected gem. We saw it at the cinema, knowing that 7 year old Angry Birds fan Freddy was going to love it, but were totally delighted when we were just as enthralled! We all agreed that they did a great job of creating some hilarious characters and an exciting storyline from the iconic game.

Frubes, the squeezy tubes of yummy yogurt, have partnered up with Angry Birds, with each tube featuring a favourite character from the movie. Red, Chuck, Bomb, Terrence, Mighty Eagle, Matilda and the Pigs add some extra fun to each tube. In strawberry, red berry, peach and banana flavours, they contain added calcium and vitamin D, both essential for strong, healthy bone growth in children and are suitable for vegetarians. Frubes are offering families the chance to win a holiday in the Bahamas to celebrate their partnership with The Angry Birds Movie. Hurry though, the promotion ends on October 31st. Just buy a promotional pack and enter the unique code online for your chance to win a holiday in the sun for your brood.

Angry Birds, Frubes

As well as entering the competition, you can take part in a crazy online dance off game. You can pick the characters, the stage, the moves and the music, and then egg on the birds or the pigs in the ultimate dance battle. Only one side can win. Can you pick the winner? Will it be a case of Strictly Ham Dancing or Dancing in the Tweets? I particularly enjoy the pigs' dancing, they really know how to hog the dance floor! Some funky and funny moves certainly go down on both sides of the dance off, inspiring kids to get up and boogie along, busting their own Frubes Moves.

Britmums have challenged bloggers to share their own family's Frubes Moves, seeing whether our style is more Angry Bird or naughty Pig. My Freddy has always loved dancing. Ever since he was a baby, the sound of music just gets into his soul and he can't resist the urge to move to the beat. From snake hip wiggles to street dance jiggles, I love watching him strut his stuff. However, as he gets older, the insecurity of performing in front of other people means he is a little less free with his spontaneous public dance routines. But you can still catch him re-enacting the dance scenes from Teen Beach Movie or grooving along to the latest YouTube sensation (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen is his current favourite!) Dancing is such great exercise for kids and it gives them the freedom to express themselves through movement.

As a family, we often put on a record from our vinyl collection, switch on our mini disco ball (yes we do actually have one!) and have an old school family disco. I think it's important that we can all get together, throw out our inhibitions and do some crazy dance moves to some 80's compilation LPs, old Disney collections or to my own personal favourite, Bat Out of Hell. It is stress relieving, it boosts confidence and gets us all up and moving.

I asked Freddy to create his own Frubes Moves dance. He used some Frubes as props, put on his Angry Birds T-shirt and rocked out some super funky moves!

Angry Birds, kids dance, Frubes

There were some shimmies, dabs, whips, nae naes and some old skool moving and grooving - but most impressive of all was the Tail Feather Shaking! Very appropriate for The Angry Birds Movie! I think that Freddy would definitely win a dance off against both the pigs and the birds using these moves!

Angry Birds, Frubes

Frubes are available to purchase in leading supermarkets for £2 RRP. Find details of the competition and play the Dance Off game at

This post is an entry for BritMums’ #FrubesMoves Linky Challenge, sponsored by Frubes.


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