Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The cool classic Mr Frosty is back!

I remember as a young child really wanting a Mr Frosty so badly. I dreamed of making crushed ice drinks to enjoy on a summer's day, but sadly the closest I got was an ice cube in my glass of lemon squash. However, the original Mr Frosty, the iconic must-have toy of my youth, is back and is better than ever and Freddy has received one to try out. He was pretty excited to make his own icy treats, especially knowing just how much his mum had always wanted one.

The Mr Frosty Crunchy Ice Maker from Flair comes with everything you need to make crunchy ice, fruity ice shapes and ice lollies - just add the ice, juice and squash. The Mr Frosty snowman itself has been revamped with a fresh new look and redesigned to make it easier for children to use. They simply need to add some ice under his hat and turn the handle on his back to crush it. The churned ice ends up in a drawer in his tummy, ready to be served up, flavoured and enjoyed. The lolly moulds and ice cube trays make yummy frozen shapes using your favourite juice or drink. You can even use the flavoured cubes inside Mr Frosty to make some ready flavoured  fruity, icy slush.

Mr Frosty Crunchy Ice Maker review

It's fun to get creative with Mr Frosty. Freddy loves slushies and ice lollies and this gave him the chance to create his own unique flavours using fruit juices and squirty squash. There is no need to use any unhealthy, additive ridden syrups, you can make your creations using the natural or sugar free options that your family already enjoys. The set comes with a squeezy penguin for squirting flavourings over the crushed ice.

One tip we found very useful when using Mr Frosty was to not use ice straight from the freezer as it can be too hard and to use small sized cubes. Leaving the ice at room temperature for a little while made it much easier to crush, without affecting the end result. Freddy was able to turn the handle himself quite easily, which was good. It's great to see a classic toy reinvented for a new generation of children to enjoy.

At £19.99, Mr Frosty is a good value creative toy for children. It comes with lots of additional bits including the squeezy penguin juice pourer, two sundae bowls, two spoons, two ice cube trays and a mould to make three lollies. An instruction sheet gives step by step methods for making fruit shapes, crushed ice and ice lollies plus hints and advice on using Mr Frosty.

I am very impressed with the new Mr Frosty and loved watching Freddy have so much fun making and eating his icy treats. He told me that I can share his Mr Frosty, so my childhood dreams have at last come true. It really will be wonderful in the summer months, giving Freddy the freedom to create his own slushy, iced drinks whenever he wants. The novelty of Mr Frosty will make sure he is getting plenty to drink.

Find out more about Flair’s range of creative products for children here You can buy Mr Frosty at Smyth's and from The Entertainer. Look out for a Mr Frosty ice cream maker coming later this year for some more cool fun.



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