Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Bug Hunting to celebrate the release of Miniscule in Vue cinemas

This half term, Vue cinemas are showing Minuscule - Valley of the Lost Ants, courtesy of Lionsgate Films. Using amazing CGI animation combined with real life backdrops, Minuscule transports families deep into the undergrowth to share an adventure where the tiniest minibeasts are the stars of the show.

Vue Cinemas

Fighting over a box of sugar cubes from a discarded picnic, two tribes of ants, red and black, go head to head in an action packed battle that threatens the very safety of the black ants' nest. A brave little heroic ladybird finds himself caught up in the fighting, and has to use his ingenuity to save the day. Take a look at the trailer, it looks like it's going to be a great family movie with brilliant visual effects and lots of humour!


To celebrate the release of the creepy crawly animated adventure Minuscule in cinemas on May 27th 2016, we have been given some bug related goodies to get us acquainted with the stars on the show in our own back garden. We received a Bug Safari kit, a My Living World educational toy from Interplay.


The Bug Safari allows children to learn about and explore nature on their own doorstep. There is such a variety of mini-beasts in the garden for children to discover. From the teeny tiny ants to the colourful spotted ladybirds, the bugs of Minuscule can be caught and studied and then safely released using the tongs, tweezers, brush, field lens and viewing pot. Children can get up close to the wonderful world of bugs, nurturing a love and appreciation of wildlife and nature.

My own little budding entomologist Freddy has really enjoyed learning about bugs and searching for them in the garden. Using the booklet that came with the Bug Safari set, he has found out where to find insects and has discovered some fascinating facts about the species. The majority of his finds so far have been slugs and ants, and he has avoided catching spiders because they scare him! Freddy is hoping to find a butterfly so he can look at its wings through his field lens.

Bug Safari, insects, mini beasts

The Bug Safari has been a great introduction to the world of bugs and has peaked Freddy's interest in minibeasts in time for the release of Minuscule.

Check out the timings at your local Vue Cinema from May 27th for some family half term fun.


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