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The secret of the perfect Mother’s Day - a guest post

January is in its final days which means that edging ever closer to the promise of springtime.  This starts me thinking about special days that are coming up such as Mother's Day.  So now is the time to start concocting plans, especially if you are planning something big this year.  In the following guest post, one mum describes her perfect Mother's Day! It might give you some ideas about how to create the perfect Mother's Day for your own mum!

"Mother’s Day – that one glorious day of the year where mums don’t need to lift a finger. That blissful 24 hours of being waited on hand and foot by your devoted family, lying on the sofa watching rom coms, eating chocolates and then tucking into a delicious meal that has been lovingly prepared by your even lovelier children.
But hang on a second.
This is Mother’s Day we’re talking about and you can’t press the pause button on being a mum, not even for one day.
To be fair to my husband Jed, he does his best to let me relax on my special day but there’s always something that gets in the way. Like two years ago when he and the kids started off the cooking but I ended up taking over when they got stuck. So I ended up in the kitchen all afternoon, slaving away, making the roast that they were supposed to be making for me, which was neither relaxing nor quality time spent with my family.
When we went to bed that night I could tell Jed knew it hadn't been the lovely day I’d envisioned – which I suspect is why he made an extra special effort for Mother’s Day 2013. Here’s what happened!

My Mother’s Day surprise

A week before Mother’s Day, Jed told me to pack a bag. To my relief he wasn’t kicking me out but he wouldn’t tell me where we were going. All he told me was to pack enough for three days.
As soon as I’d packed the bag, Jed took it and put it in the car but he wouldn’t tell me when we were leaving. I only found out that Friday night when we were supposedly going to the supermarket and ended up on the motorway (which is not the way to the supermarket).
And where did we end up, you’re wondering? Two hours later we pulled into Combe Haven Holiday Park in East Sussex – the location of our first ever family holiday in 2001!
I’d actually caught Jed looking at UK holiday deals at Haven a while ago but thought nothing of it. Now it all made sense!

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A perfect weekend

To describe it in one word, the whole weekend was perfect from start to finish. Away from the stresses of domestic life, we had a wonderful time being together as a family. It’s cheesy but that’s the best Mother’s Day present I could have asked for (you’re right, that is cheesy).
On Mother’s Day itself, Jed sent me off for a day of pampering and relaxation at the owner’s-only spa (we were staying at his best friend’s caravan so we could enjoy all the privileges of an owner). After a little work out at the gym to re-energise, I watched all my worries and stresses disappear as I relaxed in the sauna. And as for the spa treatments – they were just heavenly.
But you know what the best bit was? When I got back to the caravan, Jed and the kids had made me a lovely meal. It looked quite elaborate for something cooked in a caravan (roast potatoes and everything!) but then I forget that these holiday homes have all the mod cons these days! 
To top it all off, they had one more surprise up their sleeves. After lunch they told me to put on my trainers because we were going for a walk. And where they took me was spectacular. There’s a spot on the park that has incredible views of the English Channel so once we reached it, we all got together for a family photo with the beautiful scenery in the background to help remember the day.
It really was the perfect Mother’s Day. And the secret? Don’t stay at home!"

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A guest post in collaboration with Haven Holidays.


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