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Support Your Child's Learning at Home with Letts

Freddy 4, and Kizzy 11 are both back at school enjoying the start of a new term.  For Freddy, he is at the start of his primary school experience, where he is learning all about sounds, letters and numbers for the first time. Kizzy is in her final year of Junior School and soon will be taking her year 6 SATS exams. As a parent, I think it is very important to support your child's learning in the home by giving them the chance to explore their environment and learn through play and experience.  But it is also good to help in a more formal way by providing them with materials which support the education they receive at school.  Activity books and practice books are an excellent resource to share with your child.  They help to consolidate their skills and for older children give them the chance to extend their knowledge and nurture independent learning.


Letts is a great choice when it comes to buying educational activity books to support your child’s learning at home. Letts books are up-to-date with the curriculum, making them a reassuring purchase for parents. Plus they are fun, meaning the kids will enjoy doing them.

Letts provide an age appropriate range of educational activities and revision guides, suitable for all stages of a child's education.  Kizzy and Freddy were delighted to receive a bundle of books suitable for their age and stage of education.

Freddy is still very new to formal learning.  Until starting in Reception last September, he didn't show a lot of interest in using a pencil and wasn't very interested in books, in spite of our encouragement. He preferred playing hard and hitting things with sticks!  However, since becoming a school boy he is far more keen on picking up a pen or a book and is working hard at recognising letters and sounds.  The penny will drop for him and I'm sure he will be reading and writing very soon.  While he is at this stage, it's nice to offer him the chance to use activity books which are fun, entertaining and hold his interest as he hones his  phonics and penmanship skills.

Monster Skills Practice

revision, school, education

Handwriting 5-6

Spelling and Phonics 5-6

Addition and Subtraction 5-6

Multiplication and Division 5-6

The friendly monster characters in the new Letts Monster Practice books bring an element of fun to younger children. These books support key maths and English skills being taught in school and contain stickers to use as rewards, which is something that Freddy always enjoys.  Each section gives the child activities to do and also gives an idea for a fun activity to extend their learning in the Fun Zone!  The back of the books features a cut out mask to add to the fun!

Letts Skills Practice

revision, KS2

Spelling 9-11

 Mental Arithmetic 10-11

 Grammar and Punctuation 9-11

Kizzy is doing brilliantly at school and is ready to tackle her SATS in a few months.  Using practice books really helps boost her confidence and she enjoys doing them.  The layout of the books is really good, covering one particular topic then allowing the child to practice what they have been revising.  Mixed question tests help to put their new skills to work, and monitor their progress. 


Letts books are published by Collins who also publish dictionaries, atlases, children's reference books, My First series books, learning books, Hello Kitty atlases and sticker books.  They give children the chance to learn whilst having fun.

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